Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Kelly Reformation

Due to counter-revolutionary activities in Tarvaris Jackson's finger, the Kelly Holcomb Reformation is likely to revive itself on Sunday.

The Vikes were 0-2 in Holcomb's starts, averaging 13 points per game. An inaccurate long pass from Holcomb certainly cost the team a TD against the Chiefs, and another inaccurate long pass likely cost the team a long completion against the Packers. You have three days to convince yourself that Holcomb, who didn't join the team until August, still lacked timing with his receivers in September. Holcomb was also sacked 10 times in his two starts. You have three days to convince yourself that the protection problems have been solved.

The Holcomb Reformation seeks out a renewed faith.

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  1. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Yeah, a good deal of the protectiom problems stem from the fact that Holcombe is a statue at this point in his career, and it is increasingly difficult in the NFL to hide that weakness in a quarterback, especially with mediocre to bad receivers. Defenses just stunt at will, with little fear of paying a price. No you don't need to be Tony Romo, but, to use the HOF examples, guys like Manning and Brady are effectively mobile anough to keep defenses from doing whatever they want in an effort to create chaos. I'll avoid my obsession with Jeff Garcia for one post.