Thursday, June 21, 2007

Blizzardchen 2

Football Outsiders looks at a shotgun option play utilized by the Tennessee Titans and Vince Young. FO's examination of playbooks is a wonderful way to get a football fix in these summer months.

The Fanhouse has Minneapolis/St. Paul's top 5 athletes ranked by Michael Rand (personally, I think any list that doesn't have Kevin Garnett and Johan Santana ranked 1-2 in either order is simply delirious).

Wages of Wins looks at the 1980s Lakers. has an interview with Sidney Rice: his favorite TV show is House.

See I Heart KG for links to any Kevin Garnett trade rumor or news.

This week my fantasy football league was led into revolution by RK: we now use fractional points. We revolutionaries asked the Spirit of Fantasy Football to smile on our endeavor. Of course, we began our league WITH THE GREATEST AND MOST NECESSARY REVOLUTION: the overthrow of the head-to-head standings system in favor of the cross-country standings system.


  1. Anonymous10:49 PM

    the revolution began with much bloodshed. long live the revolution!


  2. The Spirit of Fantasy Football is dead. Long Live the Spirit of Fantasy Football!