Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Blizzard: OK, this week is fun. After that...

We were a little premature in pronouncing sports dead time upon us; the week of the NBA draft is super exciting.

John Hollinger has developed a metric using college numbers to project pro success in the NBA. I love this sort of thing: this type of statistical system gives us something tangible to help us understand the potential of these NBA prospects.

Via ballhype, ESPN says the newest KG possibility is a three-way between Phoenix, Boston and Minnesota.

Ian Thomsen has a 5 minute guide to the draft.

Football Outsiders has taken DVOA back to 1996.

SI fantasy football previews are upon us: former Jeopardy contestant James Quintong ranks the top 200 fantasy players, and Paul Hickey talks about players coming back from injury.

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  1. Yeah, Hollinger's method was a little quirky it seemed, but really interesting.