Monday, August 24, 2009

Viking Blizzard

In August, I start dreaming about the Vikings all the time. Last night I dreamed I was at their first game, and they won by seven thanks to two defensive touchdowns, including a fumble recovery during a tie game with no time left (but Brett Favre was on the opposing team).

The Viking Secondary
I like the Viking pass defense. A pass rush keyed by Jared Allen puts pressure on passers and helps the secondary a lot. The return of E.J. Henderson (who has looked great in preseason, in my opinion) is going to help the pass defense against short and mid-range passes to RBs and TEs (the Vikes were frequently vulnerable to these types of passes last season). But I'm still a little concerned about the Viking safeties.

Madieu Williams should be a fine safety; I just want to see more of him. But we really need to see second-year safety Tyrell Johnson step up. With so many great run defenders in the front seven, the Viking safeties should be able to focus most of their attention on pass defense. I'm worried that pass completions deep down the middle will be a weakness to this Viking defense.

Anybody else concerned about the Viking secondary? The only DB I really feel confident in is Antoine Winfield.

Viking Links
Sean Jensen of the Pioneer Press writes that Brad Childress is limiting Brett Favre's throws in practice (via Pro Football Talk). I have two concerns about Brett Favre in January: 1) that he'll be worn down and ineffective and 2) that in a close playoff game he'll get erratic and throw some devastating, game-losing interception. Seeing the Vikes take steps to mediate my first fear helps. To assuage my second fear, I've been telling myself that a great defense and running game will build up strong leads and Favre won't be called on to make an erratic game-losing interception.

Favre will be playing a lot in the next preseason game (ESPN).

Bernard Berrian (Pro Football Weekly).

Percy Harvin (Yahoo!).

Adrian Peterson (FOX).


  1. I'm not that worried about the Vikings secondary. As you point out, a strong pass rush makes a secondary look good. And the Vikings pass rush has looked very good this preseason. I think this is a case where – based on the talent on that line – what we're seeing in preseason is what we will get in the regular season. That's going to help the secondary.

    Obviously Winfield is an excellent player. I think Williams is solid (and a better tackler than advertised. He was billed more as a good cover guy when the Vikes signed him.) I actually thought Cedric Griffin was one of our better defenders the last five games of the season. I think we're okay there. Johnson is the concern. I don't remember him making one play in the seven games he started in place of Williams last year. He needs to be better. But again, an excellent pass rush may mask the weak link.

  2. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Williams will be fine IF he stays healthy. My perception, which may be inaccurate, is that he gets nicked up a lot, or that when he gets nicked, it affects his play more than the average db.

    You are correct, with this defense, Johnson simply needs to channel his inner Paul Krause. Of course, one reason it took the NFL's all time interception leader so long to get inducted into the Hall of Fame is that channeling one's inner Paul Krause is a helluva lot harder to do than what the real Paul Krause made it appear.