Monday, August 17, 2009


Brian Burke at Advanced NFL Stats has an interesting analysis of running back statistics, particularly regarding the difference between a "boom and bust" RB and a "steady plodder."

According to Alex Marvez at Fox Sports, new Lion coach Jim Schwartz had a big task of assigning parking spaces.

Jason at Defensive Indifference is not happy about more Favre rumors.

New Viking center John Sullivan on his feelings before the first preseason game (Pioneer Press).

Even Jay Glazer thinks ESPN is blowing Jay Glazer's article out of proportion (Pro Football Talk). I will say, though, Glazer shouldn't be shocked by the reaction: in the article Glazer quotes a few Vikings who assume Favre is joining the team eventually, says most of the people he talked to with the Vikings are "convinced" Favre will join the team, and talks about how most in the team openly accept that Favre will join the team. It was more than a mere prediction piece.

Mike Lombardi at National Football Post discusses the blue chip players on the NFC North and NFC East teams.

Cold, Hard Football Facts looks at some of the records being threatened this season in the NFL. Included: "The Vikings in 2009 will attempt to become the first team to lead pro football in run defense for four straight years (based upon yards allowed)."

Nancy Gay at Fanhouse gives three reasons the Vikings are leaving the possibility of Favre open (the first two are ticket sales and stadium issues).

MJD at Shutdown Corner includes Sage Rosenfels as a little-known player who can make a big impact, saying Rosenfels "becomes the key to the Vikings Super Bowl hopes."

Dana Scarton at Salon says you'll feel better if you just forgive Michael Vick.

The Vikings are offering some sweet deals to get people to buy good tickets to the home opener ( This makes me worry about the difficulty of sellouts. My plan for the season is to watch games on TV, maybe go to a game or two if it works out, and for sure go to any game that gets blacked out. If you cared about my plans.

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  1. Anonymous10:37 PM

    Half way through the season, there will still be Favre talk! If any of our QBs get hurt, there will be Favre talk. The man is a cockroach, never gone forever and always coming back somehow someway!