Saturday, August 01, 2009

Fantasy: Preparing for an Auction

A fantasy auction draft is a combative experience (not really). You have to be ready to fight it out (no you don't). Here is the way I am preparing for the intense conflict (not really) of an auction draft.

Watching all 60 episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm

When you immerse yourself in a TV show, you start to take on characteristics of that show. At least, that is my wife's theory. An actual conversation:

Her: We were never so street smart as when we were watching The Wire, not before or since.
Me: We were ever street smart?

I find that if I watch one episode of Curb in isolation, I laugh wildly at the crazy situations. If I start watching a lot of episodes in a row, I just get sucked into Larry David's world where the insane conflicts that occur are just part of regular life. Then I'm ready to start meaningless conflicts over mundane things. Then, and only then, am I ready for the bitter enmity (there isn't any) of an auction draft.

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