Sunday, January 03, 2010

Winter "Fun"

I'm going to be a bundle of nerves for these playoffs; it's going to be all sorts of anxiety and dread.

Share your playoff thoughts.


  1. hope the AINTS lose baby7:33 PM

    hey hey hey. Fat Albert says if the #6 seed eagles win, as do the pack Vs zona. The Tre Match? is at the dome.

  2. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Pack loses in Arizona next week.
    I see the NFC Championship in the Twin Cities this year!

  3. Anonymous8:04 PM

    The Vikings can keep it Indoors before Miami... and if you noticed they're undefeated when Indoors : ) Even if they go down to play the Saints in their Superdome, I like the Vikes chances. Today's game is the blueprint for the Vikes in the playoffs... use the pass to set up the run. The Vikings are a good passing team with a great running back, they're no longer a good running team due to the crappy o-line blocking this year & the defensive sellout to stop AP. The Silver Fox will guide us to Miami!

  4. Anonymous10:09 PM

    I don't want to turn this into a "bash Childress" thread, but even in victory he had to have one stupid moment. That 4th down sequence in the 2nd quarter when he sent out the field goal unit, then called timeout to send the offense on the field...was I the only one embarrassed by that? Make a decision, please.

    That's the type of situation where I don't necessarily think there's a wrong answer, but there's a wrong way to handle it and that was it. It scares me that our coach can't even make a simple decision like this.

  5. Anonymous8:02 AM

    Ahh, the Chilly bashers never stop finding reasons...I had no problem with the unfolding of that 4th down situation. So what, he called a timeout to assess the alternatives, and get the best personel package on the field for the chosen option. No reason to rush to a decision if you have timeouts to use. What's the big deal? Teams do this all the time, what else are timeouts for at the end of halves?


  6. Anonymous9:08 AM

    Dear Heet:

    I'm running the risk to get a 'lower body injury', straddling one bun on the side where the Chilly Bashers are hunkered doen blowing raspberries at his ceaselessly moronic phraseology in pressers and his uncanny sideline portrayals of Chevy Chase as President Gerald Ford, and on the other with those [like yourowngoodself?] who're somehow able to pull off the multiple arabesques involved in segregating the clownishness of his public expiations and self-executions from the actual outcomes.

    I especially like to imagine that one of the big motivating factors for Farve choosing to sign on to this enterprise was in his anticipating the many challenges in and enjoyment from standing up in front of the Wobegonian press crew at least twice weekly and trying to help maintain in public the illusion that the captain wears clothes. On the one hand, several times this season in just such settings Farve has referred to Chilly as "cerebral" [sic]; on the other, the contrast between their versions of the Great MidGame Summit Debate was more consistent with a cop trying to describe his efforts to talk meth-head off the ledge outside a 23rd floor window.

    -Wim Sicle

  7. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Im feeling good. That is all I gotta say.

  8. You sound like my mother. Every year, after the Vikings are eliminated, she says, "Now I can enjoy football."