Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Percy Harvin

Percy Harvin has been a spectacular player in 2009. As a receiver, he's been an awesome combination of big play guy (12 of his 60 catches were for 20+ yards, and he added two more 20+ yard runs) and reliable target in short and mid-range situations (42 of his 60 catches were for first downs). As a kick returner, he regularly set the Vikes up with great field position, not just from his 27.5 yard return average, but because the very threat of his explosive returns led opponents to avoid him with frequent short kicks.

Percy Harvin is also the AP Offensive Rookie of the Year ( He and Sidney Rice (83-1,312-8) make up perhaps the most exciting young WR duo in the NFL.


  1. Who dem vikings7:21 PM

    Percy no doubt is an exciting player. Lightning in a bottle. Robin to Petersons Batman. Throw in Sid Rice ^Captain insano^(trademark Waterboy) and u have true talent at impact positions.

  2. Anonymous2:36 AM

    well deserved