Sunday, January 17, 2010


The overwhelming impression I take from the Vikes' 34-3 victory isn't Brett Favre throwing four touchdown passes (though that was awesome), or Sidney Rice catching three touchdown passes (though that was spectacular). The memory I'll keep of this game is quite simple:

The pass rush.

When the Vikings weren't sacking Tony Romo behind the line of scrimmage, they were forcing him to scramble, making him hurry throws, disrupting his timing, and hitting him as he threw. When the initial pass rusher couldn't hit the mobile Romo, he at least chased him away where another pass rusher could get to him. Over and over again, the Cowboys couldn't provide a real offensive threat because the Vikings (particularly everybody on the line: Ray Edwards especially, but also Kevin Williams, Pat Williams, Jared Allen, Brian Robison, and Jimmy Kennedy) were constantly in the backfield making it difficult for the Cowboys to run successful plays, and setting the Cowboys back in bad down and distance situations. The Viking offense made plays to get a lead, but it was the Viking defense that kept the Vikings in total control of the game, because Dallas couldn't mount any sort of comeback with Viking defensive linemen constantly bursting into the backfield.

When the Vikings pressure a quarterback like they did today, they are virtually unbeatable. They are also a joy to watch.

The Vikings are one game away from the Super Bowl. We'll need that pass rush to get us there. I trust Brett Favre. I think Adrian Peterson will get holes to run through. But we'll need the Vikings to rush Drew Brees to contain the Saints' offense.


  1. Anonymous11:27 PM

    I posted on your Nerves colum that Favre and co
    should relax and have fun, wow that was fun. You
    have got to give this to the pass rush, they were ausome, period. This aint over... Favre's on a mission, and the Saints are next for all the experts to pick...go Vikes.

  2. Anonymous12:17 AM

    It was sure nice to see the Vikes crush the cowpies after that verbal fellating the 'pies were getting about being so "hot". Look at who the 'pies got "hot" against the last few games; the eagles twice and the redskins. Real rough competition there LOL. The east sucked this year and the 'pies were something of an illusion that the media hype kept inflating.

    Now the saints, on the other hand, those guys are good! I hope like hell the Vikes can handle them. Thank Thor it won't be an outdoor game.

  3. Anonymous2:32 AM

    The Vikings won't win a track meet in New Orleans, and their pass rush likely won't be as good without home field advantage. They will likely need some time consuming drives which end in touchdowns, and that means forcing the Saints secondary to try to do what they are bad at, meaning run support.

    Time for the offensive line to shoulder the load.

  4. Time for Adrian to take over a game. Please let Ray Edwards be healthy for next week. We will most definitely need him.