Sunday, January 24, 2010

The dream is dead. Long live the dream.

How many oh-so-close moments can a fanbase take before we collectively give up? How many more of these moments do we need to endure? It gets harder and harder to get up in the morning and put on purple.


  1. The Saints didn't even deserve that win (the Vikings gave it to them!), cheap shots on Favre, the questionable reviews at the end! I am so angry right now... i'm irrational, i don't know what to think. This just helps me vent... now time to spend the rest of the night doing homework, lol... this is what i expected though : )

    By the way, I've lost all respect for the Saints! Not at all classy players

  2. Anonymous9:33 PM

    it sure feels like the Vikes handed that one to the saints. The Vikes had the game in their hands and literally let it slip away.

    How about that amazingly stupid penalty of 12 men in the huddle? Despite that, all favre had to do was pretty much just fall down and the Vikes had a good shot at a long field goal. To say they gave the game away is an understatement. Egad.

  3. Anonymous9:42 PM

    Gave away a trip to Miami! 5 fumbles, 2 int., 12 MEN IN THE HUDDLE! That is a no-no in high school FB.
    Lose 2 NFC Championship games in OT. Hard to take. (Not sure we got the ball either time?)
    AP is very good. To be elit,e he must hang on to the ball. It is to the point of "please hang on to the ball" when he carries it.
    Farve threw a dumb pass, no other way to describe that one.
    L O N G off season!
    I had Longwell kicking the FG under a minute to win 31-28. That interception ruined that opportunity.
    I did not agree with the officials late in the game, but the loss was our fault. We fumbled twice inside the 10 yard line. If those 2 possessions are field goals, we win. We fumbled when Harvin carried the ball and they got it inside our 10. (My opinion, he carried the ball because we did not trust AP.)

    Favre took a hit low, which I thought was illegal? Is it not the "Brady Rule"?

    No sleep tonight!

    Sorry PV, I know how much you wanted this one.

    Go Colts!


  4. Anonymous9:52 PM

    Dirty game by the Saints defense. How tough is that going to be going down to Miami next week for the 10 Vikes pro bowl players?

  5. Anonymous10:20 PM

    The turnovers lost the game - not the refs or the dirty players

  6. Incorrect Sir!
    The turnovers & dirty knee shots TIED 4 quarters of play.

    The Refs LOST the game for the Vikes / GAVE it to the Saints with their questionable calls!

  7. Anonymous11:01 PM

    I know the turnovers killed us but I do have a serious question about the officiating and what the rule is. When Pierre Thomas converted that 4th and 1 shouldn't his forward progress been negated when he fumbled. The ball def came out and he recovered it in the air after being pushed back. Maybe the call is right there but I was curious what the rule is

    I will be on suicide watch for the next 48 hours :)