Saturday, January 23, 2010

I believe in Reason. I scoff at superstition. Mostly.

After consultation, it was determined that tomorrow I should wear the same shirt that I wore last Sunday (my AP 296 t-shirt). So after wearing a different Viking shirt every day for 13 consecutive days, I will be doubling up for the first time in two weeks. But there's a good feeling about that AP t-shirt. It will be joined by Viking socks (they have holes in them, so I wear my peace socks underneath them), Viking boxers, Viking pajama pants, and maybe an undershirt (peace undersocks worked well, so a peace undershirt might help, too). When I go outside it will be with a Viking stocking cap.

I should note that I am an adult raising two children, and I have a job teaching at a university.

Are you superstitious? What are you currently doing to stave off insanity?


  1. Anonymous10:07 PM

    Same Viking t-shirt for the 18th game tomorrow. Even the same shirt under it and the same pants, but no, I am not superstitous!

  2. Bismuth10:31 PM

    I am most definitely NOT wearing the new Vikings shirt I got just before Christmas... the one I wore while watching both the Carolina and Chicago games!

  3. Avattoir1:04 AM

    I see no mention of a helmet, norske even a felmet; neither of horniness norkse hairiness. Great thundering Thor, PV: how do you expect the lads to get on with all the pillagery, plundery and rapinery without a serious show of support in the home fires?

  4. Same sort of thing here. I've got a #28 t-shirt I'll be wearing.

  5. I can't wear my AP296 shirt because I wore it to the playoff game last year. I'm going with the exact same outfit I wore last week.

  6. No jersey, but I do tend to wear some kind of Minnesota-based shirt for games. Today it's the t-shirt I got at my 10th high school reunion in International Falls.