Monday, February 23, 2009

Sage Rosenfels

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Via Kiah, via PFT, The Houston Chronicle says the Texans are ready to trade Sage Rosenfels to the Vikings for a fourth-round draft pick.

I don't know what the difference is between Sage Rosenfels and Matt Cassel--I suspect it might not be much. But the difference between a 31 year old QB for a fourth-rounder and a short-term small contract, and a 27 year old QB for multiple draft picks (including a first-rounder) and a long-term massive contract? There's a difference.

You may recall Rosenfels from the Vikings' 28-21 victory over the Texans in the Metrodome in 2008, when the Texans completed approximately eight hundred passes to TEs and RBs.

Sage Rosenfels would be an upgrade over the current Viking QBs. One can be hopeful he would be a significant, game-changing upgrade, but an upgrade at any rate. But it certainly says something about the degraded state of the Viking QB position under Brad Childress that I find myself excited about Sage Rosenfels.


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Reason for encouragement: Rosenfels' completion percentage the last two seasons (65.2%)
Reason for discouragement: Rosenfels' interception percentage the last two seasons (5.3%)

More at NFL Fanhouse (from Texan fan Stephanie Stradley)

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Kevin Seifert at ESPN sees Rosenfels and Jackson competing for the starting job in training camp, with the edge toward Jackson. My buzz is officially over.

Further Thoughts
I don't know that Rosenfels is enough to make the Vikings stop thinking about the position. If I were running the team (and I am aware I am not), I would still try to sign Jeff Garcia, cut Gus Frerotte, and have Tarvaris Jackson and John David Booty compete for third-string (expecting Jackson to win). If Garcia doesn't want to bother, I'd still try sign some other lackluster free agent QB (Byron Leftwich? Chris Simms?) that could at least compete. Just keep trying things.

Some fantasized about Kurt Warner, but that was a double-fantasy. First that he'd ever leave the Cards (doubtful), and second that if he did he would have success with the Vikings (Warner thrives with a spread-out offense and a lot of athletic receivers making plays downfield--not something he'd find in Minnesota).

I don't usually make promises and often fail to keep them, but I'll try to keep this one: I will never write a bad pun using the word "sage." Nor will I try to write good puns with the word "sage." No puns on "sage" at all. I promise. Any such punning will be strictly accidental.

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  1. I like Sage. But more importantly Phil Simms thinks highly of Sage. Citing his footwork and mechanics as well as his mental make-up Simms has always come out behind Rosenfels when asked about him. Now, Simms maybe an often dull commentator, but he's forgot more about the QB position than you and I ever will know about it. Sage got a bum rap for two costly turnovers against the Colts this season, but he wasn't get much help from his team and he was trying to make the win. If Kubiak and co hadn't invested so much in Schaub, I'm not sure Rosenfels wouldn't have gotten more of a shot down in Houston. He's a better QB than any you have on staff.

    Agreement though, the Vikes shouldn't sit pretty QB... another veteran or high draft pick is still a priority.