Sunday, February 08, 2009

Matt Cassel?

Apparently, maybe (Access Vikings).

All I want is a Matt. Matt Hasselbeck, Matt Leinart, Matt Cassel, I don't care. If somebody named Matt is the starting quarterback for the Vikings next season, I'll be mildly happy about it.

And I think the Vikings can afford to give up first-round picks in back to back years. Jared Allen is 26, and if they trade a first-rounder for 26 year old Matt Cassel, they're getting young but NFL-ready starters with their first-round picks. What I don't think the Vikings can afford, however, is to give up more picks in rounds 2-4 in back to back years. Those are rounds where teams find quality starters, fill out depth, and add special team performers. If the Vikings give up more of those picks, they might have star starters, but bad special teams and a few key injuries could again cause the Vikings to struggle.

But adding a quality quarterback has to be the priority for 2009. I'll be happy if the team adds anybody that could improve what has been a dire position for the Childress era.


  1. Why bother with Cassel or Leinart when the Vikes have their own USC Quarterback in JD Booty?

    Cassel's 1 year in a great deep offense surrounded by extremely competent role players doesn't mean he's anything close to the answer for the Vikings.

    Leinart was pretty awful in what apparently was a Superbowl-caliber offense.

    I don't see how any of the proposed options are really an improvement over pre-injury Frerotte.

  2. It wouldn't just be giving up a first round pick, though. It would be signing Cassel to a megadeal.

    Yes, Cassel >> Jackson. But is he >> Jackson + millions of dollars and commitment?

  3. The Patriots are fishing for a buyer for Cassel, and they figure at least one team out there will take the bait on a guy who, as Samay said, did well surrounded by a great offense.

    Byron Leftwich, perhaps?

  4. I'm not convinced about Cassel either, but I am convinced the Vikings need to find a playoff caliber quarterback, and that they may need to take a risk to find one. It's hard to find a quality quarterback, whether through draft, free agency, or trade. There are a lot of stiffs out there, and there are few guarantees. If the Vikes think they can spot a legitimate quarterback, they should take a shot at trying to acquire him.

  5. Two words: Jeff Garcia

    He's a veteran QB, always played well for the many teams he's been on, and look how well in his first season with both the Bucs and the Eagles. He practically carried the eagles to the playoffs when mcnabb was hurt, he brought an injury plagued offense nearly to the playoffs in arguably the best division in football (NFC South) with the Bucs. What isn't there to like?

    He can scramble out of the pocket and knows when and when not to get rid of the ball. The vikings had a solid pass rush last season and COULD NOT TACKLE GARCIA. He tore us apart.

    He'll sign a 1 year deal for mediocre money. Keep the draft pick, sign Garcia.

    ....and I almost forgot: he's white

  6. Anonymous10:00 PM

    T-Jack really can't do the job and Gus can't take any kind of hit any more. Jeff Garcia would do a good job. He's smart and tough. Cassel, I believe has been franchised by New England, but I feel they only made that move to improve his trade value.

    Brady does not want any competition in N.E., so I feel that they will deal Cassel and are waiting on the best deal because someone will bite. We can't waste too many prime picks because we need a couple of quality DB's in this draft or free agency.

    We do not want another Herschel Walker situation to get over. I would cut my wrists lengthwise if we ever unload the farm on another single player, even if it was Matt Cassel.

  7. One thing really troubles me about Cassel: in 2007 Brady had a sack rate of 3.5%, and in 2008 Cassel had a sack rate of 8.3%, leading the league with 47 sacks taken. Then again, in Brady's first year as starter his rate was 9.0%.

    I also suspect he might be an average QB that got excellent coaching and got to throw passes to Randy Moss and Wes Welker. In other words, he might be Scott Mitchell. Granted, that would make him far better than the QBs currently on the Vikes' roster, but it wouldn't make him worth the high trade price or high contract price.

  8. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Jeff Garcia would be the route to go for the vikings. I've been hoping for Matt Cassel but, 2 first rounders. No way is he worth that. New England is looking for a desperate move for him. What they forgot was they may stick themselves with a hefty bill for a back up. Don't get suckered in and take the safe trade on a quarterback that knows this offense and is exactly what we need and oh yeah, he is white??!!!

  9. Anonymous6:39 AM

    Matt Cassell got better and better as the year went along. He had not started a game since high school, but he has always had mega-talent. Pete Carroll said it was a tough decision between starting Matt Leinart and Matt Cassell at USC, and Leinart won the Heisman. There's also a reason a college powerhouse like USC recruited him in the first place. The patriots thought well enough of Cassell to draft him despite not starting in college. By season's end Cassel's passes were like guided missiles. It is reminiscent of another late round pick of the Pats that wasn't a full time starter, Tom Brady, who had to split time with highly touted recruit Drew Henson. How did that work out???

    The Vikings should do what it takes within reason to get the deal done. Cssell has proven to be a good quarterback in the NFL with (I believe) the potential to be great! Even with top draft picks, there are no gaurantees. What can the Vikes expect at 22? The next Kyle Boller, JP Losman, or Brady Quinn? I might be in the minority, but I don't think you can do any better than to trade the pick and more if necessary for a much more proven commodity. The guy could be the difference between winning the weak NFC North and superbowl contension. He's also only 26 and could be the starting QB for years to come. Git-r-done Ziggy!!!

  10. You can talk yourself into Cassel all you want, but how's he a serious improvement? The Vikes are going from slightly below average with Frerotte to slightly above average with Cassel.

    They need a solid QB, not a "maybe" or "possibly" guy. Frerotte went 8-3, Cassel went 10-5 in a better offense. Why waste picks on Cassel when Booty has all the same things going for him?

  11. Samay, I'd disagree that Frerotte is "slightly below average." He was usually pretty bad, throwing 15 interceptions in his 11 games. The Vikes won 8 of his 11 starts sometimes in spite of him, rarely because of him.

    And there's not a QB available that isn't a "maybe" or a "possibly" guy. Now, Cassel being one is a good argument not to give up a big trade and big contract for him. But the Vikes are going to have to take a risk somewhere--they just might be able to take a cheaper risk than Cassel.

    In 2006, supposedly the Vikes could have traded their first round pick for Matt Schaub. They didn't, and while Chad Greenway is a good linebacker, the Vikes have been awful at QB for three years, and Schaub is a solid QB (ratings of 87 and 92 the last two seasons). Schaub was a risk, but there were signs he could be a good starting quarterback. But the Vikes didn't take the risk, and as a result they've been dreadful at the most important position in the game. If they now see the price as too high on another potentially good starter, and don't want to give up a late first-round draft pick and end up with something akin to Tarvaris Jackson/Gus Frerotte at QB, then I'm going to give up. This team isn't a Super Bowl contender with that QB situation.

    Maybe Booty needs a legitimate shot to earn the starting job. But if the Vikes go into 2009 with Booty, Jackson, and the equivalent of Frerotte competing for starter, it's going to be a sad football-watching experience (unless Booty really emerges as a quality starter).

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