Monday, February 16, 2009

Free Agent Quarterbacks

Here is ESPN's list of available free agent QBs.  Other QBs may join the list soon (Derek Anderson), and other QBs may be available via trade (can somebody just disabuse me of my Matt Hasselbeck dream now?).

On this list, I do think Jeff Garcia is the best option--if you are looking for a one year option.

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  1. Anonymous7:33 PM

    Actually, if he doesn't get re-signed by the Titans, Kerry Collins isn't a bad short term option for the Vikings. He showed last year that he can be a good quarterback in a rush-first offense, and given the strength of the Vikings rushing attack, I think he could perform a similar role to the one he did last year with Titans. He is also younger than Garcia, and hasn't had any major problems with injuries. He also still has a strong arm for those times when you do want to take a shot down the field with Berrian.

    The big question around Collins is whether he can carry a team with his arm if the ground attack falters, and I do doubt this.

    The problem with Garcia is his age, lack of arm strength and injuries. I think you also have to worry about his years in Detroit and Cleveland and wonder if that Garcia shows up, though admitedly those were some aweful teams he played with.