Sunday, February 01, 2009

Commercial Life

My household is in love with DVR.  Pausing and rewinding television is now such an accepted part of our lives, we're confused and disrupted during the other parts of our life when we can't pause and rewind.

DVR has been wonderful for football season: reasonable family distractions from games aren't a problem at all.  But the Super Bowl will offer a new situation: we know we'll have to pause at points, but we want to watch the commercials, so when will we catch up?  We may see the conclusion of the Super Bowl late (though I think the Steelers will win by two or more touchdowns, so I don't expect to be waiting on fourth quarter drama).  I want to fast-forward through the half-time show, since I care about Bruce Springteen not at all.

For your amusement, go here to see and learn about the PETA commercial that was rejected from the Super Bowl.  And on the subject of vegetarians and Super Bowl half-time musical performers, go here to see Stephen Colbert's hilarious interview with Paul McCartney.

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  1. Anonymous6:39 PM

    That McCartney interview was hilarious.

    Don't forget to check out The Puppy Bowl V on Animal Planet.