Monday, September 08, 2008

Viking-Packer Blizzard

The Day's Flavor
This morning I hugged my wife and said "Today is going to be a good day: the Viking season starts" (she was less than enthused, but that was probably the morning sickness). I got my first stomach knots listening to Sean Jensen on Minnesota Public Radio. When I dropped my son off for daycare, I talked to another little boy and his mother who were wearing Packer shirts. Today on campus I've seen several Viking jerseys, and throughout the day I expect to see a lot of Packer and Viking shirts (I stick with the subtle Viking lapel pin).

It's Viking-Packer day.

From the Archives
As the season opens, you may be interested in my essay "The Cynical Optimism of Viking Fans," where I explore what it means to me to root for this team.

Links and Comments
Antoine Winfield will play slot corner in a lot of situations (Star Tribune). Favre and Driver often killed the Vikes with passing over the middle, so hopefully Aaron Rodgers is less adept at such things and Winfield can make an impact.

Tarvaris Jackson (Pioneer Press).

Viking Update has a good look at the key matchups in Monday Night's game.

Previews of the game at Vikings War Cry, Luft's Locker Room, Viking Nation, and Sports Illustrated,

Football Outsiders' week one Audibles.

Cold, Hard Football Facts' Monday Morning Hangover. I have Monday Morning exhaustion: after a day of little exercise, a lot of stimulation and even more caffeine, I don't sleep well Sunday nights during the football season.

And below
"On the Couch" features my thoughts on the non-Viking football stuff.

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