Monday, September 08, 2008

Vikings! AAAHHHH!

I was going to wear a particular pair of pants today, but then I remembered that last year I wore that pair of pants and my car hit an ice chunk in the middle of the road and needed repairs. Bad luck, so I wore different pants.

Today at Subway, my vegan sub did not come with a Scrabble game piece. But I also got a pop, and I won a 6" sub with that game piece. So, good luck?

My stomach is in knots. Over the football game, not the class I'll be teaching soon (I get to miss the first half of the game--so, bad luck?).

Some actual footballish notes, rather than notes on my personal edginess.

I teach at a Wisconsin school with a lot of Minnesota students, and I saw quite a few Adrian Peterson jerseys today.

The Vikings haven't beaten the Packers in the Brad Childress era.

The Packers won three straight Viking-Packer games from 2003-2004. Then the Vikings won three straight games from the 2004 playoffs through 2005. Now the Packers have won four straight games from 2006-2007.

I fear two things tonight: a dud game from Adrian Peterson (his slow finish last season has haunted me, and I hope to remove that taste from my mouth soon. Look, nerves lead me to mix metaphors), and Artis Hicks and Ryan Cook playing offensive tackle (I'm afraid Tarvaris is going to get chased around too much).

I'm very excited to see Jared Allen debut. A PASS RUSHER ON THE VIKINGS!!! AAAHHHH!

Enjoy the game, fellow Viking fans.


  1. Anonymous5:18 PM

    I agree with you, it is time things change.

  2. Fifteen minutes and my heart is racing faster than Fred Smoots mouth on the sex boat.

  3. Anonymous9:14 PM

    wow...funniest comment i think i've ever read.

  4. Anonymous9:23 PM

    After the game, looks like a great amount of Sunday afternoon golf. Same old Vikings offense. NO quarterback and no passing schemes.
    Don't even want to hear it is early. That Packer team is not that good and they made us look bad. I am beginning to think the FCN idiot may be Ziggy Wilf.
    John David Booty, Gus Ferotte, Trent Dilfer, Chris Simms, there must be someobdy who can throw the football.