Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Vikes have never won the NFC North

But Pat Williams is pretty confident this is the year (USA Today).

The Vikes last won a division title in 2000, which was also the last time they won more than nine games.

But each year, I sincerely believe this is the year. Not just to win the division, but to win the Super Bowl. And why not? My optimism isn't hurting anything: it has zero impact on the team's performance, and a positive impact on my emotional experience with the team (if I started the season as a pessimist, would I really have more enjoyment during each game? Would my emotional state after each win and loss be that different?). And so another Viking season begins, with me hoping and believing that this could be the year they redeem the history of the franchise with a Super Bowl win.


  1. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Thanks for the fuel for my annual Vikings Hate post the other day, when you admitted your self loathing!!

    Check it:

  2. Well, Bobby, after claiming that Viking fans are more concerned with hating the Packers than loving the Vikings (which might be your experience--but then, as a Packer fan, your conversations with Viking fans probably center around the Vikings and Packers. Do you have much experience observing Viking fans talking to each other about their team? Probably not), and using the one passage of PV's post in which he tried to soften up his stance with self-reflection (rather than writing the straight hate-piece he should have), you go on to write a childish, unfunny post trying to make fun of the Vikings. Your post is full of adolescent one-liners, senseless name calling, and stupid cheap shots. Well done. Thanks for confirming to me why I hate the Packers.