Thursday, September 04, 2008

Thoughts during Giants-Zorns

Box Score

Since he joined the Giants, I've thought Plaxico Burress is one of the most fun players to watch in the league. But I think part of it has to do with Eli Manning's inaccuracy. It makes it look like Burress isn't really running routes: he's just getting downfield (often deep downfield), trying to get open, then fighting off a cornerback to make some crazy stretching catch.

Much is made of how many different offenses Jason Campbell has had thrust upon him, but still: I don't think I've ever seen him perform like a star quarterback. He just looks like a career backup without much field presence or playmaking ability.

Here's a thought for you: if you switched Jason Campbell in his fourth year with Tarvaris Jackson in his third year, would you feel any better about the Vikings' prospects? I would not. I think Jackson has more potential than Campbell.

I really like the Jerry Seinfeld-Bill Gates commercial, but then I don't know if Jerry Seinfeld ever does anything that I don't love.

Speaking of Seinfeld, every time the announcers said Rock Cartwright's name I started saying "Cartwriiight! Cartwriiight!" like the manager in "The Chinese Restaurant" episode.

Brandon Jacobs is a fun running back. Twice he left LaRon Landry floundering around on the turf: once by plowing over him, once by faking him out. He didn't get a touchdown tonight, but he showed much of why I think he's going to be a good fantasy performer this year.

And speaking of fantasy, I almost forgot how frustrating it can be to have a team's running back on your team, have his team lined up for 1st and goal at the one, and then have that team run a bootleg which the quarterback runs in for a touchdown. Then I remembered.

The Washington Zorns look hapless. Clinton Portis is what he is, but Jason Campbell is out there throwing the ball five yards down the field to short wide receivers whose best ability is going deep. Their Pro Bowl tight end was left as a non-factor. They don't look like they have any reasonable scheme at all. And then the announcers tell us the passing game and the running games belong to two different offensive schemes, and then you realize why they look so hapless.

Justin Tuck. Justin Tuck.

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