Friday, August 01, 2008

Tarvaris Jackson

We've been reading about Tarvaris Jackson's performance in Viking training camp, about how he's been up and down. He'll complete some nice passes, but he'll also throw the occasional interception. We tend to forget that many of us expect the Viking defense to be among the NFL's elite defenses this season, and so Jackson is practicing against what we hope is an elite unit. And the Pioneer Press notes Jackson looked good against the Chiefs in a practice scrimmage.

The focus is rightly on Jackson. But that's primarily because we expect the defense to be good, which makes us forget the standard of competition Jackson is facing in practice.


  1. Yet another reason why I dislike training camp reports. Whenever they say "So-and-so looks good," it must mean that "So-and-so's opposite on the other side of the ball looks bad."

    But hey, in August, everybody's a Pro Bowler, no?

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