Monday, August 25, 2008


The Viking defensive line (Kevin Seifert).

The Viking defensive line (Star Tribune).

Signal to Noise makes NFC North predictions.

John Carlos and Tommie Smith (NY Times).

Marketing and "the Redeem Team" (Slate).

In praise of ESPN's NFL page has really pushed a lot of focus on blogger-reporters covering each of the NFL's divisions. I like this a lot. First, it means that you can see stories on your favorite team regularly on, instead of waiting and hoping for an eventual feature. It also allows ESPN to really compete with local news coverage, which is generally superior when it comes to covering one team. And finally, it means when an interesting story breaks for a team you don't usually follow, there's a central place you can go to find a blogger-reporter that is really covering that beat and can provide insights and inside information.

Kurt Warner: starting fantasy quarterback
It's a risk: he could get hurt or replaced mid-game, leaving you with a poor scoring week. And I learned in 2002 (and to some extent in 2004, when Warner played well but didn't really throw TDs) that he's a quarterback that can completely undo your fantasy team. But he's an accurate quarterback that likes to throw downfield and he has Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin for targets.

Some inanity from Peter King
From King's MMQB:

"Alex Smith will make $10.3 million to back up J.T. O'Sullivan, who will make $645,000. Is there no end to the indignity of Smith's NFL career?"

Oh, the indignity! Alex Smith is going to make $10.3 million this year! Can't anybody please give him his dignity back? He's making almost 16 times more money than the player he's watching from the sidelines! Please, 49ers, let Alex Smith have his dignity!

I'm really excited about the Viking front seven.
I just get thrilled thinking about the starting defensive line: Jared Allen, Kevin Williams, Pat Williams, Ray Edwards. And then I imagine those linebackers running around hitting people and making plays: E.J. Henderson, Ben Leber, Chad Greenway. This can be a dominating unit. What are the weaknesses of the front seven? They have size and speed. They can stop the inside run, they can rush the passer, and they can cover receivers. They might be vulnerable to runs off-tackle and around the edges. Might.

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