Saturday, August 02, 2008

Patrick Reusse grows on me

Reusse says that "Fuss about Favre is nuts on both sides."


  1. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Amen PV -- I'm with you. I don't think Favre will be the greatest thing to ever happen to the Vikings (far from it) and I think that Ted Thompson is nuts. Even if Rodgers beat out Favre for the starting job (which I can't see happening), Rodgers has proven himself to be pretty fragile and the two other QBs on the roster are both rookies.

    (Brohm may prove to be good, but he's still just a rookie!)

  2. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Well, I suppose not every Viking fan can so quickly reveal their secret, shameful Favre-lust.

    To anyone who watched those Packer games, without purple glasses, knows Reusse is off on planet-Viking throughout that article. He has little understanding of what went on in those season apparently beyond a perusing of stats. For instance, after Favre's "mediocre" year in 2002--I suppose the 85.6 rating was unimpressive?-- he started for the pro bowl, was second team all pro, and runner up for MVP while hauling an injury filled team to 12-4. Very mediocre stuff.


  3. Reusse is usually writing articles like this antagonizing Viking fans and trying to take Vikings down a peg. It just amuses me that now he's doing the same thing to Packer fans, while taking for granted the Vikes are going to win a minimum of 10 games this season.

    Just a note: in 2002, the league average rating was 78.6, and 16 teams had ratings over 80. So 85.6 isn't actually that impressive.

  4. Anonymous10:18 AM

    How'd your fantasy draft go??

  5. In the coming weeks I'll do a few more player commentaries/rankings.

    I took Marion Barber/Reggie Wayne at 10/11, and Torry Holt/Brandon Jacobs at 30/31. I rounded out my starters with Matt Hassebeck, Dallas Clark, Patriot Defense, and San Diego Kicker.

    I spent most of the second half of the draft taking high risk players. So I've got a lot of guys with high ceilings, but the possibility of stinking: Calvin Johnson, Matt Forte, Vince Young, Selvin Young, Kenny Watson, Javon Walker, Vernon Davis.

    And I took a token Viking: Tarvaris Jackson. In our league, all the Vikings went a little too early. Usually I'm the one taking them way too early, so I was a little thrown off.

  6. Anonymous11:57 AM

    I'm surprised Mario Barber was left at 10. Great value. Wayne makes me a little nervous because it sounds like Harrison is good to go, but that's not a bad pick at 11.

    I love Holt at 30. Jacobs... depends on who else was left. For me, that is. To each his own.

    I love the Hasselbeck pick. He's so consistent, available late, just a great target. Plus it lets you take a chance on T-Jack.

    I like all your risk picks except for Vince Young and Vernon Davis. (And I heard Walker tried to retire but Al Davis talked him out of it... who knows what that might mean)

    Good draft man. I'm looking forward to seeing the complete draft board and reading your thoughts.

  7. Anonymous11:59 AM

    One more thing. Since I spoke negatively about a couple of your risk picks, I thought I'd offer alternatives that were probably still on the board.

    Kurt Warner over Vince Young (Lienart's on a short leash and Warner was fantasy gold with those receivers) and Owen Daniels over Vernon Davis (Yes, the Martz offense is promising for Davis, but I like what I see in Daniels and an injury-free Texans offense could really surprise people).

  8. Anonymous10:42 PM

    Vernon Davis was picked at #151 (the first pick of the last round of the draft). Owen Daniels went a few rounds before that so he actually couldn't have gotten Daniels, but he could have gotten Kevin Boss....but seriously it is Vernon Davis in the last round.

    This contributer to PV (although very rarely a contributor lately) took the following:

    #3-Steven Jackson
    #17-Larry Fitzgerald
    #18-Larry Johnson
    #24-Marques Colston
    #42-Darren McFadden
    #44-Reggie Bush
    #49-Donovan McNabb
    #97-Sidney Rice (I don't believe that the 10th round was too early for Sidney Rice)
    #103-Alge Crumpler
    #117-Jon Kitna
    #123-Ray Rice
    #137-Ahmad Bradshaw
    #138-Nate Burleson
    #139-Michael Pittman
    #144-Ryan Longwell
    #157-Detroit D (purely because there first 3 games are against marginal competition so I can gauge who might be an emerging D)

  9. I was excited to learn last night that my Indy D plays the Bears and Vikings in their first two games. Then they're getting dropped like a bad habit for whatever team looks good.

  10. Anonymous10:55 AM

    OK, Davis 151 overall is a good value pick, especially when you've got Dallas Clark in the fold.

    HH, I like your team. I'm not completely sold on McFadden yet, but there are a lot of good reasons he should do well. Your first 4 picks are solid, and I love your Bush-McNabb-Rice sequence. Crumpler makes me nervous, but Bradshaw through the end is smoe great draft work. Bradshaw will be sweet if Jacobs gets hurt, Burleson will see a lot of targets, Pittman's the wiley vet in Denver's backfield, Longwell will get a lot of chances and you explained why the Detroit D is a shrewd move. What undrafted D's are left? I'm high on Tampa Bay as a last round or post-draft pick.

  11. Anonymous11:59 AM

    These are the teams that are gone...Indy, Jax, New England, Pitt, Baltimore, San Diego, Giants, Dallas (who I really wanted), Minnesota, Green Bay, Detroit, Chicago

    I think everyone else is available.

  12. Not that it really matter, but the Seattle D got drafted too. I don't know why anyone, much less three guys drafted 2 defenses. It would be the most inexplicable move of the draft if Bryan hadn't drafted 2(!!!) kickers.

  13. Anonymous1:51 PM

    I think Jerod also picked 2 Kickers. Vinateiri and somebody else he offered me for Longwell (can't remember who).

  14. Robbie Golden Toe Gould

  15. Then I must apologize to Bryan for only making the same mistakes as J-Rod. I thought he was in a league of his own. Truthfully, Bryan's picks just stuck out in my mind because the backup Ks and Ds he selected were the ones I was going to target as my starters in the last round.

  16. I need trade leverage (if you can call it that) for upgrading my stellar group of running backs (if you can call them that).

  17. Since our league only allows one free agent pickup per week, it's not stupid to draft a backup kicker or defense. Otherwise, early on you might have to pass on a free agent you want to draft a kicker to cover a bye.

    Besides, the players available with the 16th roster spot are not exactly thrilling.

  18. Anonymous4:27 PM


    I think it DOES matter that Seattle's D was drafted also, because that would have been my first recommendation beyond what HH listed as gone. Since Seattle's out though, I'd take Tampa. That's just me.

    2 Defenses? 2 Kickers?? I REALLY want to see the entire draft.

  19. Anonymous4:31 PM

    That makes sense, PV. I guess I won't make fun of anyone's draft technique just because there's a backup DEF/K.

    Still though, can I see the whole board?

  20. Anonymous4:43 PM


    I will post the whole board over on our fantasy website sometime this week.

    You can check it (probably wont be until Thursday night or something).

  21. I have Nick Folk and Josh Brown as my kickers.

    Dallas and NYG for D's.

  22. So...did anybody pick Favre?

  23. Anonymous8:57 PM

    he was picked by RK in either the 7th or 8th round...I can't remember.

  24. Farve will be a Buc, however it was getting very old.. Let the Madden Curse live on.

  25. Anonymous10:59 AM

    i picked favre after i heard he was headed to green bay for an open competition. that elevated his value in my mind. i clearly underestimated ted thompson. i will not do so again.