Monday, August 11, 2008

Big Blizzard

Viking Links
At, Vic Carucci goes to Viking camp and does the same story we've all read many times: there's all sorts of pressure on Jackson to perform this year, and here are some quotes from coaches and teammates saying he's handling it great and they have confidence in him.

Aundrae Allison (Pioneer Press).

John David Booty (Sports Illustrated).

Zygi Wilf (Star Tribune).

Heath Farwell is out (Pioneer Press), which hurts the Vikes' special teams.

The Ragnarok is optimist about Tarvaris Jackson (once and again).

Some observations of the Vikes' preseason game (Grant's Tomb).

Super Bowl Buzz Kill: Vikings (Hater Nation).

Other Links
Football Outsiders looks at fantasy football players to avoid (both my tight ends are featured).

Chad Pennington will, I believe, help the Dolphins, and then everybody can love Bill Parcells. Cold Hard Football Facts notes Pennington is underrated: he's got the best completion percentage in NFL history, and he's three times led a team to the playoffs. The Jets may think they improved, but they also allowed a division rival to improve. Am I the last person on earth who thinks Josh McCown should be a starting quarterback? What is it about McCown that makes me like him? Why should I care?

John Clayton on Vince Young (ESPN). Pete Prisco on Vince Young (CBS). Here's my stance on Young: some year, he's going to be a fantasy football juggernaut. I see 3,000 yards and 25 TDs passing, 800 yards and 10 TDs rushing. It might not be this year, and it might not be next year. But it's going to happen, and so I'm going to keep drafting Vince Young until it does.

Michael Silver on Torry Holt (Yahoo!). Do you have a football player that you always want to have on your fantasy team, but never actually get on your fantasy team? For me that's been Torry Holt. I finally got to draft him this year.

John Carlos and Tommie Smith (Edge of Sports).

Javon Walker (fuh-"baw).

I believe!
It's foolish, I know. But after the Viking preseason game, I am optimistic about Tarvaris Jackson and Bernard Berrian. Seeing Jackson without his helmet on, he just looks like a starting quarterback: confident, calm, in control (this is stupid, right? Saying I believe in a quarterback because without his helmet on, he looks like a quarterback, whatever exactly that means? Isn't that absurd?). And Bernard Berrian made me believe he's not going to be a free agent disappointment: I believe he's a wide receiver that can consistently make plays in the 15 to 30 yard range. I'm starting to think Jackson can be a 3,000 yard quarterback, that Berrian can be a 1,000 yard receiver. I'm starting to think the Vikes are developing a passing game capable of making them a 10-12 win team.

In the Hazelweird League, I traded for Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor. Marion Barber, Reggie Wayne, and Kenny Watson for Peterson, Taylor, and Kevin Curtis. Tell me I got took.


  1. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Marion Barber, Reggie Wayne, and Kenny Watson for Peterson, Taylor, and Kevin Curtis

    AD > Marion Barber III (go Gophers!).

    Chester Taylor > Kenny Watson.

    Kevin Curtis < Reggie Wayne.

    The first is significant, but not a lot. The second is a lot, but not that significant, if you get my meaning. The WR diff. is pretty big, but the trade seems about fair. I can see why you're willing when you have Holt.

    So your WRs are now: Holt, Curtis, Calvin Johnson, and Javon Walker, right? That's a decent corps. I think you should've taken a WR in round 6 instead of Dallas Clark (depending on who was left), then a TE in round 10 instead of the NE DEF, and then cut out something extraneous to replace your D. Perhaps Vince Young?

    But I'm being picky. You've got a nice team.

  2. Anonymous9:47 AM

    i wish you wouldn't mention kenny watson as part of that deal. why did you even have him on your team?


  3. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Thought Barbar was the stud of the year?

  4. Thank you for the link. Much appreciated.