Sunday, March 16, 2008

What sports bloggers are

Sports bloggers are essentially people who watch sports and wish to express and discuss opinions about sports. That's pretty much it.

So what does it mean when Bob Costas calls bloggers "pathetic get-a-life loser[s]" (The Big Lead)? How can one avoid being a "pathetic get-a-life loser"? It seems there are only two choices:

1. Stop watching sports.
If watching sports makes one a "pathetic get-a-life loser," then one should stop watching sports. Of course, if every "pathetic get-a-life loser" stopped watching sports, sports broadcasters like Bob Costas would have to find something else to do for a living.

Does Costas think everybody who watches sports is a "pathetic get-a-life loser"? Probably not. That would mean his entire audience is comprised of "pathetic get-a-life loser[s]," right? So there's probably another way to avoid being a "pathetic get-a-life loser" in Costas's view.

2. Watch sports, but don't think for yourself: merely accept the opinions of commentators like Costas.
In this case, Costas is fine if you watch sports, and he's fine if you're part of his audience. But he doesn't want you to think about sports for yourself. He doesn't want you to express opinions about sports for yourself. And he doesn't want you to discuss sports. He would prefer it if you just watched sports without thinking and listened in awe of the opinions of various paid broadcasters, reporters, and columnists like Costas. If this is the case, he wants an audience of blank slates, unthinking slobs, automatons that merely soak in his knowledge without developing any ideas of their own.

Either way, Costas doesn't think very highly of his audience, does he?

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  1. Anonymous7:39 AM

    Probably Costas like every other fake-journalist is anxious now that his cover as a fake expert and fake talent has been exposed for what it really is--his entire wealth and celebrity earned doing something ten million losers without lives can do equally well or better.