Saturday, March 01, 2008

Bernard Berrian!

Access Vikings reports that wide receiver Bernard Berrian is a Viking. They now have a receiver that can get separation and get downfield, filling a huge need.

I think the last last two years Bernard Berrian was what he is. In 2008, I expect 51-71 receptions, some big plays downfield, and a few drops. That probably makes him overpaid for his position, but wide receiver is such a desperate need for the Vikings that for this team, it is worth it. Berrian is going to be critical to the Vikings' offensive success in the future: he can make long catches, and defenders will have to account for him.

UPDATE: Access Vikings has highlights of the Berrian press conference.


  1. Anonymous5:45 AM

    so after dolling out $77 million for Bernard Berrian and Medieu Williams do the Vikings have any money left?


  2. Anonymous12:38 PM

    The Vikings have plenty of money left. They'll likely use part of their 30 million in cap space to write off part of Berrian's and Williams' guaranteed cash this year, amortize the rest, still have room to make another signing, with some space left for needs that arise in-season. They'll probably start next March with 20 to 30 million underneath the cap once again. The only big cap consumer that they could confront is if they have the most pleasant surprise possible, Tavaris Jackson having a huge year, thus warranting a big extension.

  3. I've been considering whether the Vikings "overpaid" for Berrian. If they didn't pay him what they did, he like would have signed somewhere else (and likely for similar money). So did they just pay what was necessary? Of course, they could have said, "this price is ridiculous and we don't want to pay it." Then they could still be as bad at WR as they were last season. If they were going to make an effort at big improvement in the passing game, they were going to have to "overpay."

    Here's one thing that encourages me about Berrian: before the Bears started Kyle Orton, Berrian was averaging 5 catches and 68 yards per game. So even on a team with a tradition of lousy passing games, in a location with a tradition of lousy passing games, and with lousy QBs like Grossman and Griese throwing, he was on pace for 80 catches and close to 1,100 yards. And he is essentially moving from "top target in a bad passing attack with questionable quarterback" to "top target in a bad passing attack with questionable quarterback," which is why I think he'll probably produce what he did in the last two years, and not recall names like Alvin Harper or Peerless Price.

  4. Anonymous1:29 PM

    The thing that gives Berrian a chance to outperform his contract, or to at least perform at a level consistent with his contract, which the Bears did not have, was a certain fellow in the backfield who is a threat to go the distance with each snap. Offensive football is a synergistic endeavor, which is why the Vikings had to sign Berrian, assuming a certain wayward receiver wasn't a candidate to return to the fold. The Vikings can manage Berrian's contract in a fashion which will not constrain roster development in future years, and they had to get a receiver that was a legitimate deep threat.

    By any reasonable definition of "overpay", they did not do so, even if Berrian's performance falls short. They could not go into next year with a talent such as Adrian Peterson, without adding somebody who had the potential to ease the the burden on Peterson's shoulders, knees, ribs, and ankles.

  5. Anonymous1:44 PM

    i don't know. understandable you go after the guy you want. but it seems like randy moss won't cost too much more than berrian. he's a good player though and i wish the vikings weren't getting these good players. actually i wish the packers would start signing players so i wouldn't be fixated on the vikings and their doings.


  6. Let's not forget to appreciate the horror show that will be the Chicago Bear offense next season.

    OK, there are more free agents out there, and there is still the draft. But right now, it looks like Rex Grossman faking a handoff to a RB with a 3.4 yards per carry average and throwing to...whom? Probably a tight end. It's like the Bears are trying to re-create their glory days with an offense from the '30s and '40s. No, that's an insult to Sid Luckman.

  7. rk:

    You're assuming Moss would want to come to Minnesota and that Childress & Co. wanted him to come. I think neither was the case, which is why signing Berrian - even for the money it took - was a logical and defensible move by the Vikes.

    However, I hear Moss is considering signing with the Packers, so maybe you will have the last laugh yet.

  8. Anonymous4:45 PM

    I loved that we signed Berrian...until I saw his introductory press conference...then I was a little concerned...

    He seems so self-satisfied. It looks like he feels he is the answer to all of our offensive problems. He kept talking about how much other teams in the market were offering and how he's doing what's best for him, him, him, no mention of team or anyone else.

    I hope he acknowledges the skills and abilities of the WR's we already have, ALL of whom, let's not forget, just finished their first year in our offense, and two of whom are rookies.

    Bernard may be the fastest guy we have, but overall I think he's around the same talent level as the guys we already have. I hope he improves his blocking and his tenacity when the ball is in the air, or he could end up as the odd man out...he'll be out-earning all of our other WR's, but with around the same level of production...that does not bode well for a locker room.

    I'll credit him for openly admitting that his blocking abilities need attention, and I'll credit our management for filling the need for an unquestionable deep threat, but I just hope Bernard can fit in. He already knows Bobby Wade from before, so hopefully that helps matters. Also, he has a great smile, but it seems a little smug to me and I hope he leaves the smug in Chicago.

    Madieu Williams seems more team-oriented and humble, and that's what I like in a Vike!

  9. I can't express to you how smug and self-satisfied I would feel on the day I just signed a contract guaranteeing me $16 million with the possibility of being $42 million.

  10. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Considering PV you are smug when you get a steal of a deal at the grocery store, I have an idea how smug you might be.

    Just Kidding.

    Cocky, we need some cocky on the Vikings! I still think Berrian is a stiff though.