Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday Little Blizzard

Viking signings
The Vikes made a couple of C signings recently: they're the sort of moves a pro football team just makes, so you can't really praise or criticize them. They signed Derrick Pope, who will be a backup linebacker that can hopefully play effective special teams. And they re-signed Robert Ferguson, a nondescript wide receiver that adds depth and experience to an improving unit.

Links and Miscellany
The NBA's Western Conference is crazy. If you haven't been paying attention, the current #1 seed has 46 wins, and the current #9 seed (meaning it would miss the playoffs) has 40 wins. I have no idea what seeding is even going to mean in this year's playoffs: after all, the current #2 seed has 45 wins and the current #7 seed has 44 wins. Does home court advantage mean that much? I'm getting excited.

Worlds could collide at Sports Toothache: UCLA and Duke are in the same bracket.

At Fanhouse: "Bowen Blames His Endless Whining on Jesus."

Sooze previews the Minnesota Twins' season at Epic Carnival. I think I've picked a bad year to arbitrarily pretend I care about baseball.

The Twins have a vegan on their team; that's why I'll root for them (I Dislike Your Favorite Team, Ladies...).

Empty the Bench says the Timberwolves aren't the worst in the league: they're a rebuilding team with real potential.

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