Friday, January 11, 2008

Why Holy Hitter hates the third person?

Holy Hitter does not like it when people or entities refer to themselves in the third person. Some do it at an attempt of humor (see PFT and his whole "some internet hack" schtick) while others do it as some sign of accomplishment. What is the third person usage suppose to show some type of objectivity, sort of like stepping outside oneself?

Okay, to be honest this post was just a rant. A cathartic exercise to rid myself of the rage I feel every time I read Mike Florio's posts on PFT referring to himself as "some internet hack."

If anyone reads this and feels so moved, please pass that news on to him. I can get over the Emmitt Smith/Tiki Barber jabs, on the one hand Emmitt gets to be the butt of jokes because of his lack of vocabulary and correct usage while on the other hand Tiki gets ripped on for "flaunting" a vast vocabulary that Florio reads as someone trying to over-validate his intelligence. Plain and simple I am finding more and more that Florio annoys the living daylights out of me, but man it is so hard not to read PFT because of their ability to break news before others. I wish, oh how I wish I had the will power to never again visit

But I don't so I have to cleanse myself of the rage with a post like this. I apologize.


  1. I no longer read the work of writers that frequently annoy me (I'm completely off Souhan and Powers, and I just occasionally skim Bill Simmons, Peter King, and Don Banks). Sure, it weakens the Bad Sportswriting features, but it makes me happier.

    PFT would be easier to live without that you think. They don't break hard news that much more quickly than anybody else (and it's the internet, so news spreads quickly). The rumors, speculation, and interpretations of an inside "source" are interesting, but often meaningless and empty, leading to no actual hard news. And the commentary and opinion is just that: commentary and opinion. If it annoys you, you don't need it.

    I'll help you out: I'll no longer read PFT. Let's see if I'm now way behind you in football news, rumor, and commentary. I'm willing to bet I'll be just as happy and informed.

    If you like rumors and speculation for the future, you probably need PFT. But for me, I prefer reading writers that focus on analysis of the games themselves. For me the essential reading is Dr. Z, and there are other really good football sites (Football Outsiders, Cold, Hard Football Facts, just to name two) that give good commentary on the football itself.

    I also recommend looking at Fanhouse and Ballhype if you're looking for a variety of stuff, including speculation and rumors.

  2. Anonymous12:12 AM

    Thanks, PV. I might have to take that advice.

    I think it is addiction. Almost everytime I open the internet browser I have to check PFT for football news. And we all know how my "kicking" the addiction attempts go, but I will try.

    Really the biggest annoyance came when he started the whole "some internet hack" schtick. I was annoyed before, but I could get over that stuff. This though is annoying. It is like he is saying, "Look at me, I made something of myself. Take that mainstream media." I think he has "little guy" syndrome.