Monday, January 07, 2008

Counter-revolutionary Activity

The Hazelweird Fantasy Football League is currently discussing transforming into a Keeper League. I am firmly opposed to this move (keeper leagues are a bourgeois fantasy).

So, faithful readers, share your experiences and opinions Keeper Leagues and Non-keeper Leagues. What's good and what's bad about keeper leagues? What's good and what's bad about non-keeper leagues?


  1. Anonymous2:51 PM

    I am not in a keeper league, but my boss is. It's been going for 12 years now, and I can say without any doubt that I would join a keeper league in a heartbeat. He has at least 5 times as much fun in his league as I've every had, and the workload is much less. No waiver wire, the draft is only a few rounds each year, and minutia like, "I need to make sure both my RBs don't have the same bye week" doesn't matter. Success is based on picking players for the long term, much more like the real draft.

    For example, this year in his 12 team draft AP went #1, Charles Johnson went #2, Tavaris (previously undrafted) went #3, Brady Quinn went #6, and JaMarcus Russel went around #20.

  2. Anonymous5:01 PM

    i'm such a packer rube i'd end up keeping favre every year. and you PV would end up keeping All Day or whatever his name is. Saves a lot of stress on draft day I'd think.