Friday, January 25, 2008

Liberation Weekend Links

At Epic Carnival, wwtb? compares Steve Young from 1992-1998 to Peyton Manning from 2003-2007. Young really was a spectacular quarterback, deserving of attention in the arguments about the greatest ever.

Cold, Hard Football Facts provides their list of the ten greatest quarterbacks of all-time. #1: Bart Starr. Check out why--there's actually a convincing argument.

CHFF also looks at quarterbacks in history by comparing their passer rating to the league average passer rating.

Adrian Peterson makes the 2007 Outsports NFL All-Hot Team.

Dave Zirin talks about one Super Bowl sponsor's overseas labor practices.

Sports Law Blog has an interesting post on Rick Majerus, basketball coach at a Catholic university, and the St. Louis Archbichop's claim that when Majerus accepts a position with a Catholic university, he can't express opinions "which call into question the identity and mission of the Catholic Church." I must admit, as a Christian pacifist I've always found it vexing that Catholics can support political candidates who are pro-death penalty, pro-war, and frequently supportive of policies that hurt the poor, as long as they against abortion. I understand the perspective that one issue can trump all other issues, but I don't think candidates from either major party support a platform that is entirely consistent with authentic Christian ethics (which is why I frequently find religious support or opposition of specific candidates troubling). That's probably not a conversation for this sports blog, though.


  1. Anonymous4:01 PM

    lombardi openly preferred jurgenson to starr. the debate will go on.


  2. Anonymous1:46 PM

    If Cold Hard had extended their list, I wonder where Tarkenton would've ended up.

    I know you said that this sports blog is not the place for a religious/political discussion, so I'll try to remain vague (and, hopefully, inoffensive). I think it's wrong for people to label one candidate as the "most Christian" of the candidates and encourage every other Christian that voting for someone else would be wrong. Elections are about so much more than abortion. I think intelligent, God-fearing people fall to either side of the aisle as far as the death penalty, federal assistance to the poor, war, and a whole slew of other issues are concerned. Typically, both sides can present a sound argument, and neither is completely right.

    If I had to bet which candidate Jesus would vote for, I wouldn't bet very much money.