Monday, March 27, 2006

Workers of the world...

Two moments of note on the day.

1. It was announced that the Vikings will open the 2006 season with a Monday night game.

2. I informally agreed, or at least said I'd be willing, to teach a Monday night class next fall semester.

Only later did I understand the consequences. But when you are an adjunct professor with nothing even resembling the word "seniority," you teach any class they're willing to give you.

And the first day of class isn't exactly an opportune time to say, "Hey everbody, your prof is obsessed with the Vikings, so we're just going to leave--right now--so I can go home and watch them."

This is why I keep a VCR. I'll likely be missing the Vikes' opening game of the 2006 season. I'll likely be missing the first meaningful game of the Brad Childress era. Though it's not official yet...

But the material conditions of existence do affect the life of a fan. There's a reason that despite my obsession and proximity I don't have season tickets for the Vikings.

Speaking of material conditions, I may not have cable in September anyway. In the past, any Viking game on ESPN was simulcast on a local broadcast network. Has anybody heard whether this is remaining the same with the new TV deal? I assume so. I hope so.

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