Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Fullback? We don't need no stinking fullback!

This, at least, was the attitude of the Vikings for the last 14 seasons. Denny Green usually used two TEs or three WRs instead of a FB, and Mike Tice's offense was pretty much the same. I always thought this hurt the Viking HBs. But you're not running the West Coast Offense without a FB, and now the Vikings won't be running their 2006 offense without former Pro Bowl FB Tony Richardson, who spent the last few years blocking for the likes of Priest Holmes and Larry Johnson. He's 34; he's no long-term answer at this "new" position. But in 2006, Chester Taylor could be following Tony Richardson through a hole plowed out by Matt Birk and Steve Hutchinson. That's more encouraging than anything that was happening in the running game in 2005.


  1. Hutchinson wanted to leave; the Seahawks put a transition tag to prevent him from leaving; Hutchinson took a step to insure that he could still leave. I have no problem with it at all. If a team can play within the rules to keep a player locked to the team, why can't a player play within the rules to get himself freed from the team?

  2. Anonymous10:52 PM

    How about Walter Jones basically trying to help the Franchise screw Hutchinson? This guy has done nothing for the team when it came to getting his by usually holding out and now when someone else is going to get his from another team he wants to jack him? WTF?

    Also, I am starting to wonder about Childress. His bashing of Culpepper seems a little childish. Maybe Culpepper wasn't that team oriented when he talked to Childress, but as PFT has mentioned or maybe ESPN Insider there are sources who say when Culpepper asked for a playbook Childress never gave him one and then the history of the 2003 Pro-Bowl where Culpepper was voted started and played only 2 series (coaches for the game were the Eagles).

  3. Follow the Pro Football Talk Rumor Mill link to the right, and all sorts of things will be revealed to you.