Saturday, March 11, 2006

Big day for Vikes (but it better get bigger)

Ryan Longwell
As the great David Akers says, "UGHAGHGAHGGhuyuu, you need a kicker!"

Ben Leber
I know little about Leber. But I know we need linebackers. If he's a linebacker with speed, who can make our new Cover-2 successful, then yippee. For a defense to be successful, you need some of these unheralded but fast players to do the job. And we need fast OLBs.

Chester Taylor
You need depth at running back (and currently, the Vikes don't have a lot of decent backs on the roster). You need running backs who can catch the ball (as the backup in a terrible offense, Taylor has 71 catches in the last two years). And a lot of teams that run the West Coast Offense have success with multiple backs with differest skills and styles. However, if they signed Taylor to be the "answer" at running back, then call me greatly disappointed. A good signing--in all likelihood, an affordable signing. But I hope the Vikes have bigger plans at RB.

A busy day, and our first indication of the direction Childress is taking the team. I'm happy with these signings--I think you have to build a team with solid players like this. But with the team going into free agency $30+ million under the cap, I would hope there are some bigger players to sign, too.

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