Friday, March 17, 2006

Caffeine Musings

Sid Hartman talks with Brad Childress about Daunte Culpepper, and it reveals exactly what appeared to be the case all along.

The Star Tribune has a pretty solid balance among sports columnists: Hartman's homerism is a good contrast to Reusse, who's goal it seems is to openly antagonize Viking fans. And then you've got Souhan, making stupid jokes and vapid points, but who seems to have a childish rationality that Hartman and Reusse lack.

UCLA, as expected, dominated their opening game of the NCAA tournament. They have, after all, been to 40 tourneys, and Belmont was in their first. Throughout the season I've got the impression that this is the sort of team that can make a good run in the tourney. Their strength is in the backcourt of Afflalo and Farmar, and they're capable of playing some absolutely dominating defense. Man, I wish they were in the Minneapolis Region! I'd have my tickets already. Alas, the teams in the Minneapolis Region don't interest me terribly. Next up for the Bruins: Alabama. I think UCLA is the superior team.

Rooting for UCLA basketball is a pleasant contrast to rooting for the Vikings. When the Vikes lose, I've got nothing but emptiness. When the Bruins lose, there are still 11 banners to consider.


  1. Yankees and Jets fan empathizes. It's nice to root for team that wins sometimes...

    Thanks for stopping by my place earlier. Posted a link to yours. Most of my commenters are friends making stupid (yet hillarious)jokes, but please jump in and offer your insight any time.

  2. Anonymous12:52 PM

    yeah, nothing like rooting for UCLA or US Steel. go microsoft.