Tuesday, March 28, 2006

"Nobody roots for Goliath."

Everybody who doesn't root for UCLA, Florida, or LSU should be rooting for George Mason in this year's Final Four. Hell, I'm almost rooting for George Mason (almost). Quite a Final Four--the greatest program in college basketball history, two SEC football schools, and a commuter school from the Colonial Athletic Association (or some such title). If the Bruins win, it will be their 12th title; if any of the other teams win, it will be their first.

And which astounding UCLA record is more impressive? The 11 national titles? The 7 consecutive national titles? The 88 game winning streak? The 4 undefeated seasons?


  1. For my money, it's the 7 championships in a row. That's just unreal. Especially in college where you have a huge amount of roster turnover every year.

  2. I disagree with Adam about "huge amount of roster turnover every year." UCLA did this in an age when most players stayed for 4 years rather than defecting to the NBA afte 1-2 years.

    I still think any one of those feats are amazing. The 88 game streak I think is the best in sports history. To win 88 games in a row is simply amazing.

  3. Actually, this was a time when freshmen couldn't play on the Varsity. And the roster turnover is notable, compared to, say, the Celtics who won 8 straight championships.

  4. Even with all players staying until they graduate, you still lose about quarter of your roster per year. Within those seven years the entire roster is recycled twice. It speaks to good coaching, and good recruiting to win 7 years in a row under those conditions. Don't get me wrong, 88 wins in a row is nothing to sneeze at. I went to PSU and we get about 88 wins per decade.