Friday, September 03, 2010


It's bad to trade Sage Rosenfels, but expected. But why did the Vikings just trade their best punt returner? Darius Reynaud is good. Lousy move all around.

Joe Webb, at least.


  1. I was hoping the Vikings wouldn't trade Rosenfels, but it isn't surprising.

    The trade of Reynaud is puzzling though. Punt returns was a real weakness for the Vikings in '08. They never could find a decent option and the guys they used either called fair catches all the time (Bobby Wade/Bernard Berrian) or just didn't have a knack for the big play (Aundrae Allison).

    Last year it turned into a strength, they got some nice returns and gained valuable field position because the returners didn't call needless fair catches and made every effort to catch punts before they hit the ground.

    But now the guys that did the job - Jaymar Johnson and Reynaud – won't be playing for the Vikings this year.

  2. Anonymous12:22 AM

    I can't believe they didn't trade for a corner who could provide depth behind Winfield, Sheppard and Allen. I figured Sage was gone, but I was hoping to get a corner in return. Hopefully they can trade a d-lineman for a corner. Our defensive line is ridiculously deep, and I'd like to get something rather than cut an NFL-quality player.

    I'm very surprised Reynaud was traded. He is our best punt returner, and that's not something to scoff at. If the Giants considered him a deal breaker, then I would have kept him and cut Rosenfels outright, rather than acquire the conditional pick that will probably end up a 7th rounder.

    By the way, the Lions are currently thrilled with Jahvid Best, who the Lions drafted with the 30th pick that they got from the Vikings. Let this be lesson #1 on not trading anything within your own division. We should have just drafted Chris Cook at 30 and forced the Lions to get Best some other way. I hate the idea of him making big plays against Minnesota, knowing full well it was the Vikings who allowed Detroit to draft him in the first place.

  3. shimrod7:21 AM

    I suspect that the Giants wouldn't take Sage unless Reynaud came along too.

  4. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Having seen these Vikings mostly make the right moves I have to figure they know what they are doing. That said, I'm perplexed by the Reynaud move. I think we can figure Harvin will get some of those reps.


  5. I agree on the significance of punt returning. Even a ten yard return is one less first down that the offense has to pick up. Reynaud was very good, and kept showing flashes of great talent to be a good career punt returner.

    Maybe other roster needs made it difficult for the Vikes to carry a guy that's strictly a punt returner on the roster, when they can have a backup position player do the job. But I think it's an important job, not to be dismissed.

  6. Reynaud I can be upset about.

    But why does everyone keep thinking Sage is that good, or at least better than T-Jack? He's the next coming of Kelly Holcomb.

  7. I really think good field position was a key to the Vikings' early success last season: they were often giving their old QB a short field to work with (subjective memory, at least). So the Vikings can't neglect the position: they need somebody who can gain addition yards to help the offense.

    And I wonder if Bernard Berrian is part of the plan. He had a punt return TD in '08, so he's got some potential. And given that he's struggled at WR sometimes, the team may feel they don't need to save him for that position, and they should maximize what talents he has to help the team. If that's the plan, it's not a terrible plan, though I still don't like it (Reynaud seemed so regularly to pick up extra punt yards, he seemed like a real asset).

  8. Holcomb and Rosenfels have similar completion percentages and ratings, but Rosenfels has a career 7.4 ypa to Holcomb's 6.6 (a major stat).

    I'm not sure how good Sage would be, but "better than T-Jack" isn't exactly a giant stretch to make, considering Jackson's serious accuracy problems.

  9. Anonymous3:09 PM

    I would love to see Joe Webb return kicks. Amazing how Childress is determined to not use Webb at all be it WR or wildcat

  10. Anonymous9:59 AM

    yeah, i don't know why webb can't be used as a pure athlete--webb, harvin, and peterson in the backfield a couple times a game seems like it would be pretty exciting and i don't think it would hurt webb's QB development. but, again, keeping a #3 qb on the active roster to run around a couple plays a game is maybe not the best option.


  11. Well, probably it is the for the money that it is involved in the trading process. I don't think that they will sell out their best player.