Sunday, September 26, 2010

Clouds of Heaven: Vikings 24, Lions 10

Today, Pacifist Viking will be a place for positivity. Sure, the Vikings' problems were evident today, threatening to bust the seams of the game. But you'll be able to read plenty of writers focusing on those problems. The Vikings haven't won a game since the middle of January, so let us revel in the joy that comes from a Minnesota W.

There were a lot of positive things today. We saw another good defensive performance, which included some dynamic play from Kevin Williams and the return of cornerbacks Cedric Griffin and Chris Cook. The Vikes had their first two interceptions of the year, both in the end zone as they held off Detroit's attempted comeback. The offense was as mistake-prone as ever, yet certainly also displayed the awesome potential, as Adrian Peterson ripped off an 80 yard run on the way to 190 yards from scrimmage and two touchdowns. Percy Harvin had his best game of the season and gave at least a little spark to the Viking WRs (he certainly made a great touchdown catch when he was wide open and Favre overthrew him just a tad).

We take these home wins against the Lions for granted, since they've been coming every year since 1998. But the Lion defensive line looked tough today: I'm not sure how good the team the Vikings beat today really is, but they do look competitive. The Vikes had to earn a win today. Sometimes they seemed on the verge of a blowout--but they also got bailed out when some penalties negated turnovers (penalties that may have directly caused the turnovers, but these were good breaks nonetheless, as they were also penalties that sometimes don't get called).

The Vikes have issues--and 15 days before their next game to try to work on some of those issues. After disappointing performances in their first two games, they showed today the offensive and defensive talent that makes them a good football team. Play crisper, sharper, more focused football, and they can become a great team.

It's been a while. Skol.


  1. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Injuries again. The team has enough talent if the few players we have in the passing game could stay healthy enough to stay on the same page. But every week there's shuffling and injuries or both. I feel like we'll be a lot better in a month than we are now. The next few games should be brutal, but we'll continue to improve and I think we can give a good fight against all of those teams.


  2. Anonymous11:08 PM

    Bret and the receiving corp need to "catch up". It be nice also to have help in the offensive line and a return specialist.

  3. PV:

    I like your suggestion. Let's enjoy the win (even though I didn't. A sloppy, ugly game to watch, except for AP's 80-yarder).

    And although I can't say I'm concerned about him, Jared Allen's been awful quiet the first three games. Maybe it's time for him to grow in the mullet.

  4. Anonymous8:47 AM

    Jared Allen is vastly over rated. Teams run his way most of the time. One sack and that was on a scramble. Married life must be agreeing with him.
    Even 40 year old QB's need training camp to get their timing and "on the same page". We lack receivers who can make plays, but the ball has to be in their area as well.
    Long way to go, but maybe on the right path.
    AP is the best RB in the NFL right now.

    Positive side: At least we are not the Minnesota Gophers! Gonna miss Brewster next year.

  5. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Until a quarterback has wide success against the Vikings I'll reserve judgement on Allen. He has been quiet but teams have adjusted a lot to the Vikings pass rush...

    From Favre's comments I don't think missing camp is the issue so much as injuries, new additions, and players like Harvin being forced into new positions. I think penalties play a large role in forcing a pass offense out of a rhythm, too. Plus, defenses are playing the pass whereas last year they loaded against the run. Considering everything, I think the pass offense looks ... fine. Average. And it'll continue to improve so long as the players stay healthy.

    It's apparently conventional wisdom now to discount Brett Favre when the numbers aren't pretty or when there are miscues. But his leadership was also evident throughout the game. He's going to fight until the last and that's another reason why I'm confident going forward.


  6. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Today was the day for the Vikings' pass offense to get on track, and it didn't happen. The Lions have one of the worst pass defenses in the league, and the Vikings couldn't take advantage of it except with underneath routes. The TD to Harvin was a blown coverage and nothing more. Peterson is playing great, but this passing game is going to struggle all season (or until Rice comes back) and the schedule gets MUCH tougher after the bye. Jets-Dallas-Green Bay-New England are the next four games.

    This defense is terrific, though. 38 points allowed in 3 games, and a lot of that is set up by turnovers. The front seven is great as usual, and the secondary is deep with five corners capable of playing. I also think the safeties are much better this year, with Madieu Williams playing better and Hussain Abdullah simply being better than Tyrell Johnson.

    There's no question the Lions are getting a lot better. Not having Stafford is completely unfair, as they are nowhere near good enough to win with a backup QB. They were also missing Nat Burleson, which hurts their receiving corps. But that defensive line is as good as its been since Robert Porcher and Luther Ellis were playing. Now they just need to get some corners.

  7. Go Vikings.... I just love that game

  8. Anonymous11:39 AM

    I know the Childress complaints get old but once again he failed at the basics. The opening play not knowing that Favre would not be an eligible receiver. Also after the TD not knowing whther to go for 2 or kick an XP and having to burn a timeout. The Wilfs have handcuffed this franchise giving Childress an extension. He is just awful.