Thursday, March 05, 2009

Viking Stadium Ideas

I think it's good to try ideas for a Viking stadium other than using taxpayer/public money. Be creative: propose other ideas. To wit: a bill for a casino to fund the Viking stadium (Star Tribune).


  1. How about Zygi Wilf takes out a loan based on the revenue coming from the mall he wants to build around the new stadium?

    Or - seeing that fan owned teams are banned by the NFL - maybe a fan collective could build a stadium, and work alongside the Wilf-controlled Vikings organization.

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  3. Fine. But good luck getting the tribes on the same page. The biggest obstacle this is going to run is a profit-sharing argument with the tribes. The tribes can't ever agree on a joint Minneapolis/St. Paul casino. That's what killed the MOA casino. The tribes to the north feel like they are getting shafted by the existing metro casinos and the metro tribes argue for a majority chunk (or even a spot at the table) of the pie since their business from TC gamblers is being depleted.

  4. Samay, I once saw such an idea floated on a message board. Teams can't be publicly owned, but die-hard Viking fans might pay for a piece of paper calling them co-owner of "Viking Stadium." That would be one way in which people who don't care about the Vikings don't have their tax dollars fund a stadium.

  5. Exactly. And if being a Viking Stadium "co-owner" gave you special access to certain events at the Stadium, it could even be justifiable.

  6. Anonymous10:19 AM

    1,000,000 owners at $1000 = 1 Billion Dollars

    500,000 owners at $2000 = 1 Billion Dollars

    Which do you think would work best? I tend to think selling "shares" in the stadium could be a cool idea with something like $1000 a share or $2000 a share which would also get you something like 1 free regular season Vikings Game (not the Packer game though) at some point in the first 5 years of the stadium. A 50% discount on any playoff tickets not taken by season ticket holders. VIP Tent Access before games. Early Entry into games before regular attendees. Etc. (One caveat also would be that any "sponsorship" of said stadium would be money given out as dividends to "share" holders along with any profit made by the stadium would be sent out as dividends to "share" holders)

    I might even be tempted to do something like that just to say I owned part of Viking stadium and got to own that.