Thursday, March 05, 2009

Terrell Owens: Quarterback Maker

Terrell Owens has a habit of getting contentious with his quarterbacks and ex-quarterbacks.  But on the field, he helps QBs to their best seasons.  He's aided four different quarterbacks to 30+ TD seasons: Steve Young (1998), Jeff Garcia (2000 & 2001), Donovan McNabb (2004), and Tony Romo (2007).  Only Young ever had a 30+ season without him.

I'd be wary of Terrell Owens, and I'd expect him to eventually say bad things about his quarterback.  But on the field, he helps quarterbacks to career years.


  1. Anonymous9:14 PM

    This player should not be picked up by any team!

  2. Anonymous10:42 PM

    The Vikings need him!!! Childress would get along with him well, and Adrian would not face as many 8 in the box sets! You gotta fight cancer with cancer! My logic is not logical. But tell when was the last time the Vikings were logical, this team needs something so crazy our fates collide!

  3. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Zero chance Owens becomes a Viking. The past between he and Chilly is enough to kill the idea.

  4. Maybe by signing Owens, Wilf would be signaling that Childress is on a really short leash and that he'd better srart winning despite his ego.

    That would be good enough for a 1-year T.O. deal. He always seems to go crazy his second or third season, so just sign him short-term and then let him go.

  5. I really think that Terrell Owens was doing a pretty good job if we compare his work with his previous partners and I think he just needed more time to show it to the rest