Wednesday, March 11, 2009

NFC North

Judd Zulgad at the Star Tribune points out that like the Vikings, the Packers and Bears have added few new players in the early stages of the offseason.

One might assume that such a strategy situation benefits the defending division winner most, but I actually think it is the Packers that could benefit.  They are a young team (meaning they're more likely to improve internally), they lost a lot of close games last year (showing they're not terrible, and the close games could swing the other way this season), and they have the best quarterback in the division by far, heading a potent offense (meaning their primary "need" for improvement is the defensive front seven--the offensive passing game is good, and the defensive secondary is good).

But as a Viking fan, I'm hoping the addition of Sage Rosenfels significantly affects the team.  He should be better than either Tarvaris Jackson or Gus Frerotte, and the team went 10-7 with them at QB.  With an easier schedule (the Vikes play the NFC West rather than the NFC South), this Viking team is capable of improving its record.


  1. Anonymous11:24 AM

    What about Cutler? Everyone's been saying the Vikes need to get him, is he worth it? I really don't know anything about this, i've just heard hopeful Viking fans claiming they would sell the farm for Cutler. Is it possible? Why would we get Rosenfels, if we're gonna get Cutler?

  2. I really don't see why people are excited about Sage. He used to be Gus's backup, and his stats are worse than Tarvaris while playing with a superstar receiver. What has he ever done to give the idea that he will be an improvement?

  3. My biggest complaint about Tarvaris Jackson has repeatedly been his accuracy--his passes are often off-target. In the last two seasons (including playoffs), Jackson completed 57.3% of his passes, Rosenfels 65.2%. Perhaps differences in offensive scheme and skill position support account for a completion percentage difference of 8%. But that is what he has done to give me the idea he will be an improvement.

  4. Anonymous6:11 PM

    T-Jack is just not consistent enough to keep other teams from stacking the box against A.P., an average NFL QB will kill you if you load the box with 8 men every play, big play receivers or not.

    He "may" be one of the best athletes on the team but he is not an NFL caliber QB. Rosenfels at least has a clue and will stand in the pocket and deliver under pressure. The Texans O-line was less than league average, at least give the guy a few drives behind the Vikings good, solid linemen.

    Make T-Jack 3rd string and let Chillbumps make him a project and 2 or 3 years from now, if his chillyness is here that long, perhaps he will have improved enough to make an impact.

  5. Jackson may just be in the wrong situation. I know he's had a lot of support from Childress and Bevell, but in a different system with different expectations, he could be fine. Sad to say, I really liked his potential, but it's clear he isn't working right now.

  6. My concern on Jackson is that I don't know how often accuracy improves at the pro level. Certainly a quarterback's completion percentage usually improves after his first few seasons, but I'm talking about the fundamental ability to throw passes accurately, consistently. Perhaps it is an improvable skill (perfecting mechanics), but it seems it may be a skill that a quality pro quarterback would have acquired beforehand.