Thursday, August 17, 2006

This is not the Eve of Destruction

To listen to the local media reaction, Koren Robinson is actually Don Hutson, and the only WRs left on the roster are 5 Dez Whites. But this simply isn't the case. Koren Robinson had all of 22 receptions in 2005--less than half the amount caught by Travis Taylor. Plus the Vikes still have Marcus Robinson, a solid WR, and Troy Williamson, a first-round pick just a year ago who struggled in 2005 because he was a raw athlete who played in a run-dominated offense in college. Koren Robinson's WR skills were not going to make or break the 2006 Vikings; he was a better return man, but Childress was already trying to find other people to take that duty anyway. Losing Koren Robinson is hardly a season-destroying disaster.

Losing Chad Greenway is bad news--no team wants to play a season without its first-round draft pick, especially when that player plays your team's most questionable position. This means that instead of hoping that youngish veterans like Napoleon Harris, EJ Henderson, Dontarrius Thomas, and Ben Leber step up, the Vikings now need them to play well--and they need to get production out of a few other relative no-name linebackers. Bad news--but also not season-destroying.

I don't know what the Vikings are going to do this season, and this has been a hard week, but I don't know that anything that happened this week cost the team a single win in 2006.


  1. you're right about all that. obviously you'd feel better if koren robinson was starting for you because he is so talented but what can you do? one thing your hated nemesis brett favre always says about injuries and losing players is that life goes on and someone has to step up. you still have plenty of talent tho your 37 year old qb would worry me.

  2. Yeah, you're right, they'll be fine. The loss of Chad Greenway worries me a lot more, though.

  3. Charles Rogers... That's all I'm saying.