Monday, August 21, 2006

Short passes got, short passes got, no reason to live.

Though I detest pre-season, I wouldn't be a quasi-insane fan of the Vikings without checking out parts of their preseason games. I could write all sorts of observations, insights, and predictions based on what I've watched, but I firmly believe the preseason tells you next to nothing about the quality of your team.

Still, the thing I am most hopeful about this season is the passing game. Brad Johnson may or may not be a weak-armed ninny, but with this short passing game, it really doesn't matter (until they decide Super Bowl champions by finding out which team's QB can throw the ball the farthest, I will continue to undervalue arm strength). It's been pleasant to see the short slant pattern a vital part of a Viking game plan--when it works, it seems like such an easy, unstoppable play. And with or without Koren Robinson, the Vikes have a deep and talented group of players to catch the ball. For big bodies with good hands, throw to Marcus Robinson or Jermaine Wiggins. For speed and quickness, throw to Troy Williamson. For solid ability especially from the slot, look for Travis Taylor. And out of the backfield are plenty of RBs capable of catching the ball (the best is Mewelde Moore, who is, alas, third string right now, and injured. When healthy, he's a dynamic football player--the trouble is, that's rare). I am happy with the short passing game, and Johnson has the savvy, experience, and intelligence to make smart decisions and give the Vikings a chance to win. A short passing game means less 3 and outs and more long drives, which also helps the defense. I'm confindent in the passing game.

And of course, tried and true Purple fans are in an uproar of excitement about what we've seen out of Tarvaris Jackson. When it is time for him to take over the reins of the position, the team will be in good hands.

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  1. no where else have i seen the vikings recievers referred to as 'deep and talented.' middling and green is about the nicest i've seen. worse has been said about my team so that's fine.