Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dwight Smith and Dez White

The Vikes signed two new players that have little to no emotional effect on me.

Dwight Smith
This is a good move--it's always a good idea to add depth to the secondary if you can. The secondary is now probably the Vikings' strongest unit--CBs Antoine Winfield and Fred Smoot, safeties Darren Sharper and Tank Williams, nickel backs like Dwight Smith, Willie Offord, and Cedric Griffin. But my biggest worries about the Vikes this season are, in order, 1. Brad Johnson's health, 2. Linebacker Play, 3. the ability of skill position players to make big plays. So Dwight Smith is sort of ho hum to me.

Dez White
Let's say sometime this season, Mike McMahon attempts a pass to Dez White in a meaningful moment of a regular season game. Should I still watch the games? I admit that I couldn't stomach many of the Spergeon Wynn games and didn't watch. When I did, it was too heartbreaking watching Randy Moss and Cris Carter run around without anybody who could throw to them. So I'd probably still watch the games if Mike McMahon is throwing to Dez White. But still...


  1. The Dwight Smith signing is looking real good now that Tank Williams is done for the year.

    If Dez is forced to play important snaps this year, well, that could be trouble.

  2. Now Dwight Smith is the starting safety and I'm glad he's there, and Dez White is already off the roster. Everything is looking good.