Monday, August 21, 2006

More on K-Rob and Greenway

Koren Robinson
I firmly believe K-Rob was directly responsible for 3-5 wins last season (at the very least, he had a kick return for a TD in a 3 pt. win, an 80 yard TD reception in a 5 pt. win, and a long return to set up a quick drive for a game winning field goal in a 3 pt. win).

HOWEVER, he must immediately cease being referred to as the #1 receiver. There are currently 6 Vikings on the 2006 roster who had as many or more receptions for the Vikes than Robinson had in 2005. He was only called the #1 WR because Childress called him that, and it was based on what he'd do in 2006. Now he's not going to be there in 2006. He has never actually been the Vikings' #1 WR, and now he never will be. Are people still going to call him the #1 receiver (as the local media continues to do) in week 12? C'mon!

I would worry about his loss as a return man, but the Vikes were already trying to replace him there anyway.

Chad Greenway
Everybody had high hopes for Greenway this season. However, he's a rookie. You can't actually count on a contribution from him; since there is no NFL work with which to judge him, you could just as easily have gotten a non-contribution from him this season even if he dressed. Yeah, it sucks--but it just means there is one less unproven linebacker the Vikings are hoping to depend on in 2006.

But in all seriousness, I'm the eternally optimistic Viking fan, so don't put too much stock into my hopefulness--I'm still dreaming of the Vikes somehow winning the Super Bowl this year and naming my child after whoever starts at Quarterback.

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  1. i think you might acgtually get some production out of greenway. linebacker is one of the positions that seems to be an easier transition from cloolege to pro game. (along with RB) look at sean merriman, demarcus ware, vilma, urlacher. these guys all reach high level quickly.