Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Seriously? 30 Minutes of my life were just wasted!

Check out this article by Tom Curran detailing 5 players poised to break the star to STAR leap.

I clicked the link just to see who the 5 players were and knew there was going to be someone I totally thought was ridiculous. ADRIAN PETERSON?!?! Now I know he has only been in the league for 2 years now but a guy who has won ROY, Pro Bowl MVP, led the league in rushing and yards from scrimmage is not just a star.

Here are the important parts of his argument:

(1)There are stars and then there are STARS. And trying to put a player into one category or the other is a subjective thing.

(2)We came up with five: quarterbacks Matt Ryan and Philip Rivers of the Falcons and Chargers; receivers Andre Johnson and Calvin Johnson from the Texans and Lions, and running back Adrian Peterson from the Vikings.

(3)All are known. None are known so well they’d be mobbed in an airport, recognized in New York City or be readily identifiable by a nickname.

Now for my response:

(1) You are right it is subjective, but in that case please just title this article: "5 players I think are only stars who are going to be superstars this year, and yes my list is a very safe bet." Could you make a bold prediction at all? Your list includes the 07 and 08 ROY; The NFL Leader (tie) in TD Throws; The NFL Leader in receiving yards and receptions; the NFL Leader in rushing yards and yards from scrimmage. Wow that is a very informative piece. If you had taken someone like say Ray Rice or Bernard Berrian, etc. now that would be an article.

(2) See point (1) for why this list is not that great for an article like this (by the way who is the "we" in this? Who in the world helped you come up with this list? and do they watch football?)

(3) Okay maybe none would be mobbed in an airport, but I am willing to bet that itself is subjective since I bet they all get big crowds when in the airport of their respective cities. New York City? When did New York City citizens become the arbiter of who is a STAR? Maybe if we were talking movie stars or entertainment stars, but we are talking about SPORT STARS.....New York City has no bearing on anything outside being the home of the Giants and Jets. And nicknames? Have you been living under a rock Tom Curran? How many QBs have nicknames? (Tom Brady? Petyon Manning? Steve Young? Brett Favre? Aikman? all didn't have a nickname and yet they were easily STARS) and lastly have you ever heard of "AP" everyone (with knowledge of football) knows that refers to Adrian Peterson just like "LT' referred to LaDanian Tomlinson or Lawrence Taylor.

I wasted now 30 minutes of my life by reading your article Mr. Curran and then writing this meaningless response.


  1. You might also say that given the mainstream popularity of fantasy football, many people are aware of the league's statistical leaders.

    Maybe my MN perspective is blurred, but doesn't Adrian Peterson get tons of mainstream, national attention?

  2. Anonymous1:58 PM

    And I lost 5 minutes reading our response to his article. Better of than you I guess.