Monday, September 21, 2009

note to PV readers

I'll be stepping away from blogging for a little while for personal reasons (my son broke his leg, so even more of my time will be devoted to kids, and I need a lot of time for my teaching responsibilities. I'll still have time to watch football--of course!--but little time to write about it, and no time to write about it well. He broke his leg Sunday morning: finding out later that the Vikings won and the Packers lost made the day like eating a turd covered in chocolate frosting).

I told Holy Hitter and J'Rod to feel free to pick up the slack in my absence, so you may see them posting on the Vikings. I've also talked to some others about possibly contributing to the blog. And I hope to see you again in the future.

We should have optimism for this 2009 season. While the Vikings trailed at halftime against two weak opponents, they also have two 14 point road wins. This team used to suck on the road. Maybe Favre is taking them places. Maybe this is the year things change.

Cheer the Vikings hard, suckers. Cheer the Vikings hard.


  1. Peter2:16 PM

    Sorry to hear about your son's leg. I hope you enjoy the time you recoup from not writing for the blog.

    And yes, it's awesome that the Vikings won AND the Packers lost.

  2. Totally understand brother, do what you gotta do. I hope son's leg heals well, way to be there for him! Skol Vikes, it'll be interesting to see if they can string together wins against the 49ers and the Pack. They can do it if they put out 2 consecutive 2nd half like performances in one game. I believe, lol. Or am i drinking the koolaid? We'll find out

  3. I hope the little guy recovers quickly and fully, and that you and your wife are holding up without too much stress.

  4. Joe:

    Hope your little fella' gets well soon. I will really, really miss reading your stuff for the time being though.

  5. And here I was hoping to elicit some sympathy for my lateness on commenting on the Detroit game because I caught a cold. Ah well.

    Here's hoping for a speedy recovery for the boy. At least he hurt himself early in the season and you won't have to put him on IR.

  6. Wishes for a speedy recovery on the broken leg. And I'll miss your writing too!

  7. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Take care of the little guy! Vikes will keep you entertained, at least on Sundays. Good luck!