Thursday, September 03, 2009


You may need Viking blogs now more than ever
There are a lot of Viking stories out there focusing on Brett Favre. That's going to be the primary focus of attention for a most national media outlets covering the team.

Writers for local media outlets, because of their more specific focus on the team, still do a good job of covering the team more broadly. And so too do many Viking bloggers. Our rooting interest in the team makes us interested in all the football aspects of the team, not just the most prominent story.

Viking Links
See Brett Favre's first football card in a Viking jersey (Randball). It's sort of ugly.

Steve Aschburner has more on the Brett Favre "pitch count" (SI).

Peter King: "Favre showed how well he fit with the Vikings, who clearly -- if they stay healthy -- are strong Super Bowl contenders" (SI).

Peter King also says the NFC North has become the conference's power division (SI). Of course one reason I expect the Vikings, Bears, and Packers to each win 10+ wins is the schedule. The NFC West and two games against Detroit alone should give each team 5-6 wins.

Percy Harvin (Star Tribune).

Adrian Peterson (Star Tribune).

The Vikings are trying to trade Tarvaris Jackson (Star Tribune). When you think about it, it's amazing how much time we've spent thinking about Jackson over the past three years.

Sports Illustrated's Viking Scouting Report.

A Viking team prevew at Fanhouse.

Other Links
At Yahoo!, Brandon Funston and Brad Evans give you ten fantasy players they don't like.

Adam Schein predicts individual awards (FOX).

State of the Blog
Next week we return an old favorite, the National Friday League.

We also have a new contributor, J'Rod.

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