Tuesday, December 02, 2008

KW and PW



  1. Anonymous5:37 PM

    Hopefully an injunction will be filed, and these suspensions can be fought through legal action. Childress better fire up the team against the Nazi Commish. If the Wall doesn't play these last 4 games, it would be hard to see the run defense and pass rush staying the same as Sunday night :( Life isn't fair, especially for the Williams brothers right now!

  2. Sorry, dude. I follow this blog a little, and I know how invested you are in the Vikings.

    Look at the bright side - at least now they have another year to get a competent QB before there are expectations. Plus, it could be worse. You could be a Lions fan, like me.

  3. I'm actually not devastated, even if there is no injunction. I think nine wins will take the division. If the Vikes don't beat the Lions with or without KW/PW, they don't deserve to win the division. After that, they need to win one of three games, all on turf, two of them at home. I think they can win 1/3 without KW/PW.

    Then if the Vikes do make the playoffs, KW/PW will be back. I'm mildly hopeful about this season, still.

  4. Anonymous5:54 PM

    The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.
    Winston Churchill

    It's time for the Vikings to decide how much they really want the postseason!

  5. Anonymous8:47 PM

    I agree that the Vikes should beat the Lions in any case and ought to be able to beat either Atlanta or the Cardinals even without the Williams Wall. I am worried that the Packers will win out and there will be a 9-7 tie with the Packers winning the division due to superior divisional record.

    Ironically, I am slated to watch the Lions-Packers game at Lambeau on the 28th...man would I be rooting for the Lions!

  6. Anonymous11:50 PM

    I wish my family had been sitting by you on Sunday night. A pacifist. Instead we had to put up with drunken trashy mom and her drunken obnoxious daughter, who threatened to "punch" "beat the shit out of" and actually put her fist in my daughter's face and called her a "f'ng bitch". This in response to my daughter saying "first down!" My husband and I sat in a different section, and were treated to drunken fat lady who spit on someone and got into a brawl with another fan; when her boyfriend couldn't drag her down the steps, even after slapping her in the face, she got back to the fan, and he pushed her so hard, she almost fell down 30 steps. All of this time, two completely useless security people stood and watched. They never came back for the guy who pushed her, even though he could have killed her.It was a lovely little corner of the metrodome all night. My son and his fiance sat behind a darling couple who argued and swore all night long, until the dad in front of them asked them to shut up. (he foolishly brought children to the game) The guy next to them got so drunk, that he simply did not show up for the fourth quarter, prompting his hysterical girlfriend to call the police to find him.(Face down in a bathroom). and the vendors just kept on selling beer to people who could not even speak coherently. When we asked for help with the "I'll f'ing kill you f'ing bear fan bitches" girl, the elderly security lady who could not actually read the numbers on my ticket, took 10 minutes to get another woman to come up who then took 15 minutes to finally talk to enough people to get permission to "interview" the girl and her mom. Lovely mom of the year wouldn't come down, she sent the daughter, who swore in my face in front of the security woman, who still had to interview her for another 15 minutes......it was seriously the worst handling of a sporting event situation I have ever seen. I begged her to call the police, the mother finally came down, TO USE THE BATHROOM and the woman spoke with her for 15 more minutes. By now the game was almost over, and they still hadn't done anything. Finally they called in some guy who works for avalon, might as well be avon for how tough they were, and he interviewed everybody again. And now there was two minutes left in the game, and the first security lady pronounced it "over" and a "miscommunication". My daughters, by the way are a first grade teacher, a child development specialist, a child life specialist who works in a hospital with sick kids, and a sociologist. Not some bratty kids. They were not drinking at all, and the trashy mom and daughter were clearly bombed.
    At soldier field, which can be quite lively, if someone is being an a'hole, there is a special number you can call. Then large strong men and women come in groups and take the offender out IMMEDIATELY. The crowd, glad to be rid of the offender, cheers. it's over in 5 minutes. They either go to jail, get thrown out, and if they are season ticket holders, their tickets are taken away.
    Nothing happened to these two women, who ruined the whole night for my daughters, including standing throughout two quarters "so the dumb bitches behind them wouldn't be able to see" What in God's name do you have to do to get kicked out of a Viking's game??????? I live in Wisconsin, across the river from minnesota, and most people around here say they HATE viking fans. I said that was ridiculous. But now I will find it harder to stick up for you fans.

  7. Anon:

    It's too bad you had to put up with that stuff. But try not lump all Vikings fans in with the idiots you were sitting next to.

  8. Anonymous8:42 AM

    I know a few idiots fro Wisconsin but I would not say all people from Wisconsin are idiots! I have seen terrible Viking fans and wished they were removed also. BUT there are also many great fans who enjoy games. "A few bad apples..."