Monday, December 22, 2008

It will come to week 17

It was hard enough convincing my soul that I wasn't rooting for Green Bay, but rooting against Chicago.  And then the Packers piss the game away anyway (I'd be interested to see if the Bears are capable of winning a game without fluky special teams plays).

Now the Vikings need to either win against the Giants, or have the Bears lose to the Texans.  If you're having flashbacks to week 17 of the 2003 season, you're not alone.

The Vikings will either host a playoff game or not make the playoffs.


  1. Wait, Nathan Poole just signed with the Giants????


    Ill tell you, after watching Neckbeard and the Bears offense for that whole game, its pretty sad that the Vikings havent run away with this division, even with our own QB issues.

  2. If you were running the Giants, and you have everything clinched, wouldn't you sign Poole for a week just to torment all the Viking fans?

    I really want to see the Vikings win 10 games this season (two 9-7 Viking teams in the last six seasons didn't even make the playoffs; a 10 win season feels better). But I'm also hopeful the Bears lose to the Texans.

  3. I can't see the Giants leaving in the starters for the entire game this sunday, it just makes no sense. Yeah they had clinched by week 17 last year, but that game had different meaning, it was to break a perfect season by the Patriots. In the dome, on hard turf, and with Jared Allen racking up $100,000 from the way he plays has to be some sort of signal to Coughlin to bench Eli for at least part of the game.

    Secondly, 10-6 would be nice, and it would be where I thought the vikings would finish when I looked at the schedule at the beginning of the season.

    Atlanta brought their A game, we had 7 fumbles, and we STILL almost won that game, and SHOULD have won that game. If the falcons are the NFL standard for a balanced playoff-caliber offense, then there isn't an offense in the entire league the vikings D should fear.

    I think the Bears get stomped by Houston anyways. They are a young and talented team, they just haven't played well in some games and they play some tough teams. Schaub, Andre Johnson, Slaton...all can tear up the bears indoors on turf at home with ease. I don't see the bears stopping the big play capabilities of the Texans.

    I think if we can make the playoffs and play well, we can go far. We just have to pull our heads out.