Wednesday, May 07, 2008

PV at 10,000 Takes

I've started writing a weekly Viking column at Minnesota sports blog 10,000 Takes. I'm exciting to be joining the team of writers at 10,000 Takes, and I'm excited for another place to discuss the Purple.

My first column is up today, about why the Jared Allen signing is so important for this team in particular. And if you're interested in Minnesota sports and sports media, you should definitely stick around to read the other fine writing at the site.

I'll still be blogging away here at Pacifist Viking, too.

(By the way, I've started having my off-season dreams about the Vikings. Last night I dreamed they started out 1-3 and were losing games by scores like 46-40. I was enraged. But as it was a dream, I then became confused about whether some of those games were preseason or regular season games. And as it was a dream, I may have made some sort of deal with a demon somewhere along the line. That wasn't good either. Now I'm awake and mildly relieved).


  1. Say hello to frequent PV posts on 10,000 Takes.

    Say goodbye to frequent posts by PV on Pacifist Viking???

  2. I hope not. I'll be writing at 10,000 Takes about once a week, and during much of the year, I write about the Vikings more than once a week (during the season it's close to every day). At best the 10,000 Takes columns will be additional; at worst, they'll take one post a week away from here. My desire to write about the Vikes isn't usually limited to one post per week.

  3. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Sounds like a nightmare you had, but not too worrisome. I can't see anyone hanging 40+ points on this Vikings this year.