Sunday, May 18, 2008


Do you sense that? I do.
The time has come to start ranking fantasy football players and preparing for drafts. Yes, it really is. There are a lot of blogs that will help you (including this one, a little later in the summer, but you really can't trust much of what I say, because I'm a duplicitous and paranoid fantasy footballer). For now, check out Pancake Blocks.

The Vikings and Chiefs will practice against each other at River Falls, Wisconsin on July 31st this summer ( I've watched a lot of Chiefs' training camp at River Falls, and I've been to the Vikings-Chiefs scrimmage there a couple of times (2000 and 2003, if I remember correctly). Good times.

The Sporting News says the Vikes have the top safeties in the NFC (I'm not ready to agree until I see them produce) and Michael Fabiano at ranks the Vikes' offensive line as 8th in the NFL (both via Vikings War Cry).

At SI, Steve Aschburner explores the struggles of road teams in this year's NBA playoffs.

At Sports Law Blog, see when metaphors don't quite work out (my coming reference to a "vegetarian beef" is entirely deliberate and full of witty irony, suckers).

In non-sports, non-meaningful news
My one-man vegetarian feud with Subway may be going up a notch. Most likely, during the season I would never bother you with any of this. But it's now summer for me, and I happen to have the time for a pointless beef with a major fast food franchise that I used to love until it betrayed me.

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